Android Auto's latest string of updates is causing connection problems

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What you need to know

  • Users have continued to report consistent disconnects with Android Auto version 9.4, 9.5, and 9.6.
  • Swapping cords and clearing cache has not alleviated any of the struggles though a user found slight relief using a Motorola MA1 adapter.
  • One user found a more concrete fix for their Pixel 7 which saw them diving into the Developer Mode settings of the Android Auto to enable a setting.

Android Auto has had its fair share of problems, and as the system has gone through some changes over the past few months, problems have become more noticeable with each update.

A quick glance at the Android Auto subreddit will tell the tale of the struggles drivers have been going through with the software. As noted by 9to5Google, users have been grappling with consistent disconnects with Android Auto, and it seems to have started with the company's recently released updates. The problem appears to affect those running Android Auto versions 9.4, 9.5, and 9.6.

Redditor MrMaruaders stated that they had experienced consistent disconnects despite a full change-up of their gear. From new cords, longer ones, shorter ones, a different phone, and a cleared cache, nothing has worked.

Constant Disconnections - Tried Everything from r/AndroidAuto

One user made a report on the subreddit nearly a week ago but cited problems with their Pixel 7 and the Android Auto software since February. This Redditor also swapped cords and attempted to roll back some updates, even. Though, the user wasn't clear what they rolled back to as 9to5 found users reporting version 9.3 of Android Auto relieved the headache.

The user stated they found some temporary relief by switching to a Motorola MA1 wireless car adapter, but a more concrete fix came about shortly after. Considering this person's problem with their Pixel 7, comments pointed them to search within their device's Developer Mode settings for Android Auto to enable "wireless connection" as this was defaulted off.

It's a little weird this seems to have fixed the problem for the user, and even another user was curious about it who suffered the same issue. These problems started after Google shifted its new Android Auto "Coolwalk" redesign to more hands via its public beta rollout back in November. The overhauled look of the software included a dynamic split-screen version of its UI that would adjust to the various in-car screen sizes.

Hopefully, Google is working on a more convenient solution for drivers struggling with consistent disconnects with the company's latest Android Auto software. There are even more problems listed on Google's support community forums, too.

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