Nothing OS 2.0 is being developed with personalization and ease in mind

Holding the Nothing Phone (1)
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What you need to know

  • Mladen M. Hoyss, software creative director at Nothing gets candid about OS 2.0 and how it'll bring about more productivity and fun for users.
  • Nothing's home screen is also being looked at as it should embody the "home" in home screen, easily showing "what's personal to you."
  • The Phone (2) and Nothing OS 2.0 will launch in July and the Phone (1) may receive the update soon after.

The world is preparing for the launch of the Nothing Phone (2) and as we approach that date, the London-based company spoke about what we can expect from its next OS. XDA Developers sat down with Mladen M. Hoyss, software creative director at Nothing about OS 2.0 and what users can expect when turning on their transparent device.

Nothing's mentality with OS 2.0 is for it to embody "functional aesthetics." With the Phone (2) looking at a global release this year, Hoyss tells XDA that the company is looking to make the user more productive while allowing them to "have fun" at the same time. As Nothing searches for the best parts of Android to make them easier for the everyday user, the company is also setting its sights on the phone's home screen.

Hoyss states, "You have a page system where you scroll through basically logos of companies. If you take a look at an app, it's basically the logo of a company. And this is your 'home screen.' If you want to embody the word home into an OS then it's way more than just a page with logos."

To Hoyss, their device's home screen should display "what's personal to you" with just a glance. While not going into too much detail, Hoyss stated Nothing is pondering its next OS on a "system level," trying to leverage "options that your smartphone already has out of the box." Due to this, Nothing has made the claim with XDA that its 2.0 software can't be compared to "anything that's out right now."

The front of the Nothing phone (1)

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Neither Nothing OS 2.0 nor the Phone (2) are out yet, however, that isn't stopping the London-based brand from looking ahead. Hoyss mentioned there must be a balance between the improvements to performance and user experience — though some implementations may make one side worse.

After Carl Pei sat down with Forbes, he teased the Phone (2)'s global launch in July (no specific date given). During that interview, we also learned the new device would contain the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform. Pei cited feelings of comfort behind a chip that was tried and true as opposed to the most recent chip. Consumers should also look forward to a 4,700mAh inside the Phone (2), as well.

Just recently, a few alleged renders of the new device leaked which showed some minimalistic changes. The rear Glyph lighting of the Phone (2) has been altered slightly around its dual camera array and it appears as though the device may sport some smaller bezels around its display.

We're only a month away from the launch of the Nothing Phone (2), and while we don't have a date for that, Hoyss teased that the Phone (1) should also receive the updated OS "pretty soon" after this summer's release.

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