New Twitter Blue seemingly put on pause to 'address impersonation issues'

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What you need to know

  • Twitter Blue has reportedly been put on pause as the company actively works through solving "impersonation" issues.
  • While the new version of Twitter Blue could only be purchased on iOS, users find that they are no longer able to purchase new subscriptions for the service.
  • If a user has already purchased Twitter Blue (new version or old), they will still retain the features involved with their subscription.

Twitter Blue's new subscription is reportedly on hold the boot amid the social media platform becoming aware of a glaring issue.

According to a tweet by Zoe Shiffer, managing editor at Platformer, Twitter has apparently suspended its subscription-based service Blue to address "impersonation issues" that were widespread following the launch of the service. The social media service is also actively placing roadblocks so users cannot attempt to purchase a subscription.

This internal decision was apparently made through a Slack discussion overnight. With Twitter Blue momentarily suspended, the company has removed the ability to purchase the service on iOS (Android and web users were skipped, anyway).

Though the ability to purchase the $8-per-month subscription has been removed, those who have already purchased the new Twitter Blue recently or in the past still retain the features involved.

Twitter recently unveiled its new "Official" label for certain accounts, such as government officials and media outlets. However, through the alleged Slack discussion about Twitter Blue's suspension, it looks like the Official label has only rolled out to certain accounts first following a fairly confusing back-and-forth. The purpose of this new label is to help differentiate between those who have purchased their coveted blue tick and entities that are genuinely "verified."

It's not entirely clear if or when the new Twitter Blue subscription will return. Android Central has reached out to Twitter for a comment on the matter but has not received a response back in time for publication.

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