Google Play Points introduces new features to enhance user rewards

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What you need to know

  • The treasure hunt mini-game, Diamond Valley, is launching in the U.S. on June 17.
  • In Diamond Valley, you can hunt for diamonds and exchange them for cool prizes like Pixel devices, exclusive game merch, bonus points, and more.
  • This summer, Google Play Points is set to offer VIP experiences at popular gaming and entertainment events.

Google Play Points, which launched in 2019 as the marketplace's own rewards program, is back with a new set of perks and rewards to spice up your experience.

Of particular interest is Diamond Valley, a treasure hunt mini-game that's making its way to the U.S. on June 17, according to a post on Google's blog site. If you're curious, it's already up and running in Korea and Japan.

Google Play Points is a rewards program for Google Play users. The tech giant reveals that it's a hit with over 220 million members who use it to rack up points and score rewards.

In this mini-game, you get to hunt for diamonds and trade them in for a shot at awesome prizes like Pixel devices, exclusive game merchandise, bonus points, and more.

You can pre-register for Diamond Valley to grab some extra diamonds. Plus, the first 50,000 Diamond and Platinum members snag an exclusive t-shirt. If you're a top-tier Google Play Points member (Diamond, Platinum, or Gold), you'll also get early access to new games like Squad Busters.

To get in on the action and be ready to play when the game drops, head over to the Perks tab on the Play Points home page.

Google Play Points is also stepping it up with VIP experiences at gaming and entertainment events. This summer, the tech giant is teaming up with some of the most popular events to give you the VIP treatment.

When Play Points first came out, the idea was to reward you for downloading new apps, subscribing to services, and buying movies, books, and more from the Play Store. You can then use the points you earn to spend on in-app purchases, rent movies, or buy audiobooks.

Recently, Google spiced up the program with more tangible perks. Now, you can trade your points for Google t-shirts, socks, and other fun items.

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