Pixel Feature Drop: Here's what new on your Pixel devices

Holding the hazel Google Pixel 7 Pro

What you need to know

  • Amid the launch of the Pixel 8 series and Android 14, Google also released its latest Pixel Features Drop.
  • Notably, the Drop took the Pixel camera's already robust camera capabilities to the next level with a refreshed interface.
  • The new update also includes streamlined navigation across Pixel tablets for kids and a dual-screen interpretation display on the Pixel Fold. 

Today’s Pixel event had so much going on, but amidst the launch of the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel Watch 2, we can’t forget about the latest software updates, including the Pixel Features Drop. This month’s Drop brings an array of new updates, such as a navigation bar for Pixel tablets for kids, a new interpretation mode on the Pixel Fold, changes to the Pixel camera, and a slew of other spiffy new features across Pixel’s lineup of phones and tablets.

Of course, Pixel phones are already known for their robust camera functionalities. But the Drop takes it to a whole new level by refreshing the camera’s interface on the Pixel 8. Thanks to the new toggle, it's now much easier for users to switch between photo and video modes.

New Photo/Video toggle for the Google Camera app

(Image credit: Google)

For Pixel Fold owners, interpreter mode will make translations easier thanks to a dual-screen experience that will display translations using both the inner and outer displays. 

Further, Google is highlighting the ability to customize Pixel phones, namely the lock screens, through an assortment of new clock and wallpaper collections, thanks to Android 14. Google also notes that the update means you’ll have access to new monochromatic themes, which will soon reach Google apps near you by way of Material You’s color system. You’ll also be able to switch lock screen shortcuts, which is handy for users who want quicker access to certain functions.

Elsewhere on the Pixel ecosystem, the update incorporates a more streamlined navigation bar on Pixel tablets for kids that makes it easier for young users to navigate their devices and switch between apps. 

With the latest feature drop, the Pixel Tablet can use Google Assistant to play news and podcasts, even when your tablet is docked in hub mode. 

While the Pixel 8 series and Pixel Watch 2 may have been the star of the show, all of these updates are hugely valuable and — together with Google’s launch of new devices and goodies — they propel Pixel’s assortment of gadgets even further.