Video Boost could come to the Pixel 8 Pro any day now

Google Pixel 8 Pro camera bar in the porcelain colorway

What you need to know

  • Google announced Video Boost alongside the Pixel 8 Pro and said the feature would come sometime in December.
  • Video Boost uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of video shot on Pixel 8 Pro. 
  • Analysis of the updated APK for the Photos app revealed new references to Video Boost, signaling a release is near. 

Video Boost, a feature exclusive to the new Pixel 8 Pro that improves video quality with artificial intelligence, could debut any day now. Google initially said that it was targeting a December release for Video Boost. Thanks to code references to Video Boost in the newest version of the Photos app uncovered by Android Authority, it seems a release is imminent. 

The nods to Video Boost were found in the APK for version of the Google Photos app. APKs can be a helpful way of figuring out what Google might be working on next since they often include code references to features that haven't been fully released yet. 

The code's presence in the Photos app, combined with Google's previous December release expectation, means that Video Boost could come any day now. It also tells us more about how the feature works. Here's exactly what Android Authority found in the APK: 

<string name="photos_blanford_auto_backup_dialog_body">To boost your videos, turn on backup in settings, or back up this individual video</string>

For those unfamiliar with Video Boost, it's a rare Google feature that doesn't utilize on-device compute power. In order for Video Boost to work, your videos need to be uploaded to Google's cloud servers. After that, it is enhanced using artificial intelligence and then sent back down to your smartphone. As such, the feature likely won't be enabled by default. Not everyone will be comfortable sharing their personal videos with Google, even in exchange for the quality improvements.

With that said, the new code reveals two ways users can enable Video Boost on their smartphone. A dialog prompt says that it's possible to either back up a single video or a user's entire library to use Video Boost. Presumably, this works with the regular Google Photos backup feature as well. 

A staple of recent Pixel smartphones is monthly Pixel Feature Drops, which add new features to existing devices short of the major OS upgrades. Google typically drops new features on a quarterly cadence, which means December's update may likely come as soon as next week. The latest references to Video Boost could mean that the feature will debut with December's Pixel Feature Drop.

Brady Snyder

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