New Google Photos shortcut makes finding your screenshots a snap

Search pane in Google Photos
(Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Photos now allows you to access screenshots directly from the home screen.
  • The app has added a new shortcut that navigates directly to the screenshot folder.
  • It is available on the latest version of Photos on Android.

Google Photos has a new shortcut that makes finding your screenshots less of a headache. The app's latest version on Android now lets you open the screenshot folder directly from your phone's home screen.

The app now shows a shortcut when you long-press its icon on your home screen, as spotted by 9to5Google. The new update is part of Google's efforts to make the app much easier to navigate than it was during its early days. 

More to the point, the new shortcut gives the quickest method yet of gaining access to your screenshot folder without having to dig through a bunch of selfie folders or pet collections first. It's rolling out now on Android phones running app version 5.97.

Simply long-press the Google Photos icon to bring up a menu of options, including the ability to "view screenshots" or free up space. A third option, "I'm feeling lucky," allows you to search for specific snaps based on location. The screenshot folder is launched by tapping on the corresponding shortcut.

If you frequently open the screenshot folder, Photos has another trick: you can drag the shortcut out from the menu and place it anywhere on the screen. This gives the screenshot shortcut its own dedicated space, eliminating the need for you to make a long press each time you want to view your screenshots.

The new functionality is akin to the shortcut button that shows up on Photos' home page after you capture new screenshots. These are all part of a massive update that landed on the app earlier this year meant to keep your library clean and organized.

It also complements recent changes to the app aimed at improving its search capabilities. Late last year, Photos added a feature that makes it easier to find similar photos taken at different times and locations. Recently, the photo storage service enabled quick access to all of its action buttons when selecting a photo or video without having to open a file.

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