A Google Password Manager redesign is on the way with a navigational bar

Google Passwords for Android on Samsung Galaxy S21
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What you need to know

  • Google is preparing to rollout a redesign for its password manager on Android devices.
  • The change will break up its home screen into three tabs, "Passwords," "Checkup," and "Settings," contained in a new navigational bar.
  • Google has recently bolstered the password defenses of the manager on PCs while, most recently, it brought some additional features to computers.

It looks like Google is interested in rolling out a redesign for its password manager sometime in the future.

The changes were spotted by Google News on Telegram, to which the post detailed how the old design will change into a new three-tab viewing. It appears that Google is preparing to introduce users to individual "Passwords," "Checkup," and "Settings" tabs once this arrives for Android phones.

These tabs, housed in a clean navigational bar at the bottom, break up the manager's current home screen that already contains the Checkup and Settings options on a single page.

There are some other aspects of this redesign that aren't quite as detailed. According to Google News, the upcoming refresher has given the search bar and the "add password" option some sort of makeover.

A brief look at the Google Password Manager redesign on Android.

(Image credit: Google News / Telegram)

The changes also seem to bring the password manager closer to Google's Material Design 3, which it's been pushing in other areas of its app ecosystem. Aside from a slight glimpse at some changes, its rollout date wasn't nailed down, so it might take a while for this to arrive.

Google hasn't really brought much to the table for its mobile version of its password manager, however, its desktop variant has continued to receive some much-needed touchups.

Back in February, Google's Password Manager gained some bolstered defenses on supported computers. This involved bringing the ability for users to utilize their biometrics (like a fingerprint) as a way of verifying it is truly them before reading any saved data. This essentially removed the necessity for users to continuously type in their computer's password just to change something with their data.

Mobile devices gained a slight adjustment during that time via a Play Systems update, which included the "add a note" option for passwords.

On a related note, the password manager gained its own dedicated space in Google Chrome on PCs, as well. This not only brought a way for users to create a desktop shortcut on a computer, but it included a way to import passwords saved from Google's competitors over to its manager, instead. So long as the files are a .csv, you should be good to go.

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