Google One gains premium Workspace features

Google One app
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What you need to know

  • Google is bringing premium Workspace features to Google One.
  • The first new feature is the "enhanced video calling" from Google Meet in Workspace.
  • These new premium Workspace features will be available to those with the 2TB or higher plan of Google One.

Google is looking to expand upon its goal to provide its users with an experience that works for them. Its latest Google One update sees some Google Workspace premium features come in.

These newly added features from Google Workspace were previously only for businesses with a paid subscription. Bringing these features into Google One is aimed at helping people, "get the most out of Google." Google provides some details about the new premium feature, "enhanced video calling," entering Google One from Workspace.

With this new feature, Google has removed the one-hour time limit on group video calls. People with a Google One subscription can now chat with whomever for twenty-four hours if they choose to. An added audio filter, canceling out background noise, is available for these enhanced video calls. Those with Google One can also take part in recording and storing calls inside their Google Drive.

These new premium features coming from Google Workspace will only be available for those with the 2TB or higher plans of Google One. The new video feature coming from Google Meet will be in plans available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and Australia. Google has it in its plans to expand the plans' availability to more countries in the future. The company also has intentions to start shifting over more premium Google Workspace features to Google One members from Gmail, Calendar, and other services.

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