Some Google Maps users offered free Fi wireless service for the rest of the year

Viewing Google Maps on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4's smaller cover screen
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Select Google Maps users are receiving a new offer for free Google Fi service.
  • The offer is being extended to Local Guides, users that contribute reviews, photos, and more to Google Maps.
  • The offer provides up to three months of free Google Fi service.

In a rather surprising move, select Google Maps users are being offered free Google Fi service for the remainder of 2022. Emails seemingly started arriving over the weekend, informing users that they were eligible for the offer.

Android Central's Nicholas Sutrich was among the users who received the offer, and Mishaal Rahman also retrieved a screenshot of the offer from another user. According to the email, the free Fi service is offered to Local Guides for their "contributions to Google Maps." There's a button to redeem the offer and instructions on how the guide works.

Per the email, users select "Redeem" to choose their Google Fi plan. The offer is available for any of Google Fi's unlimited plans, which can cost as much as $65 per month for an individual line (although that price decreases depending on how many people are in your plan).

The credit will be applied at checkout, and users can either opt-out at the end of the trial or continue the service with a plan of their choosing. However, it's worth noting that the offer requires users to port in their numbers. You must also be a first-time Google Fi user (Nick could not grab the offer due to this requirement).

That said, if you haven't tried Google Fi, it may be worth giving it a go. It offers excellent service (thanks mainly to T-Mobile) and relatively affordable prices, and it's often regarded as one of the best mvno carriers around for its many perks.

For those unaware, Local Guides on Google Maps are users that contribute to the service by submitting reviews for places of interest, uploading photos, and editing certain information about businesses based on their personal experiences. Participating is easy — you have to navigate to the "Contribute" tab in Google Maps to get started.

Eligible users have until October 31 to redeem the offer.

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