Google details big Gen AI upgrades for queries in Search during I/O 2024

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What you need to know

  • As Google concludes its initial I/O 2024 event, the company is highlighting several new Gen AI additions on the way for Search.
  • AI Overviews will begin rolling out to U.S. users today (May 14) with the ability to adjust an overview's results in line for Labs testers.
  • Search also picks up the ability to deliver results using a user's recorded video and vocal query in Labs.

We're in the midst of Google's I/O 2024 event, and the company is highlighting several large generative AI upgrades for Search.

Google's latest Keyword post details what's new with Search, starting with an update for complex questions. Search's gen AI capabilities are receiving this upgrade in terms of its AI Overviews. Google states that users no longer need to break their questions up into smaller pieces.

No matter its complexity, Search should take your queries in stride, delivering relevant results to users.

Under the "multi-step reasoning" label, Search's AI ability to understand more complex questions is on its way to AI Overviews in Labs "soon."

Google is upgrading Search's AI to handle more complex and longer length queries.

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Google first debuted AI Overviews in January, alongside its reveal of Circle to Search. While they were initially a tool those in its Labs experimental realm could test, the company states that AI Overviews will roll out to all users today (May 14) in the U.S. Folks in other countries can expect the useful overview for queries, but it will take place at a later date.

Additionally, the ability for users to "adjust" their overview. Google states users will find options to simplify the AI's language or break things down into more understandable pieces. This feature is slated to arrive in Search Labs "soon" for English queries in the U.S.

The ability to record a video alongside a question and run it through Search is also on the way. Powered by Google Lens, the post explains that users can leverage the AI's video understanding to ask questions about why something is broken and how to fix it.

Users should describe the problem the best they can (with the video as extra context). Running the search will prompt Google's AI to deliver an overview with the most relevant steps on how to fix the problem with resources and other helpful troubleshooting tips.

Google adds that this ability to search with videos is coming to testers in Labs "soon" for English in the U.S. Extra regions are on deck, but it will take place at a later date.

Google Search will soon be able to help users plan, utilizing AI with relevant content and perspectives.

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Search is picking up a couple of extra features, such as planning. Google highlights the engine's upcoming AI-backed ability to help users plan meals or vacations. The company states that searching for "create a 3-day meal plan for a group that’s easy to prepare" will produce a day-by-day breakdown in Search. Detailed recipes, where to begin, and more will be readily available in easily visible cards.

Users can then follow up and ask the AI to swap some recipes for ones that would fit a vegetarian or swap ideas for ones that fit dinner plans. An export button will appear so users can toss their plans into Docs or Gmail.

Meal and trip planning are set to arrive in Search Labs (English) for U.S. users "later this year." The AI ability to help plan for parties, date nights, and workouts is on the docket but there's no concrete date set yet.

Lastly, Google is bringing some organization to its AI-powered results. The post states that users looking for ideas on where to eat and more will find a results page that clearly breaks down several possible places of interest. The AI will help by creating headlines to separate different perspectives and content types.

A more organized AI-powered results page is beginning to arrive for U.S. users for dining and recipes. Later, Google states it has plans to incorporate movies, music, books, hotels, shopping, and more.

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