Google Gemini for Android might grab a neat trick from the web version soon

Using Google Gemini on Android
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What you need to know

  • Google's Gemini app for Android might soon introduce a feature where users can read responses as they're generated, rather than waiting for the entire response.
  • A tipster suggests that Google is working on adding "real-time responses" to Gemini on Android.
  • The new feature would display Gemini's response building up gradually, similar to the web version.

Google's Gemini app for Android might soon add a handy feature that will let you read responses as they're generated rather than waiting for the whole thing.

According to code sleuth AssembleDebug, who tipped off PiunikaWeb, Google might be adding a "real-time responses" feature to the Gemini app. As the name suggests, it'll whip up answers to your questions on the spot.

Currently, when you shoot off your question to Gemini, it analyzes it and then churns out an answer, but you're stuck twiddling your thumbs until the whole thing is done. It can drag on, especially if the responses are lengthy paragraphs.

But with the real-time response feature, you'd see Gemini's response building piece by piece, just like on the web version. Google sums it up nicely: "Responses will show in real-time while in progress."

Web users already see a cool typing animation as Gemini crafts your answer. If this new find gets rolled out to everyone, you'll see that same animation jazzing up the Gemini app on Android.

AssembleDebug managed to switch on the toggle for the feature in Gemini's settings menu, hinting that it's just about ready to drop into a stable release, if at all.

Google Gemini real-time response on Android

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This improvement would definitely be handy, shaving off a few precious seconds by letting you dive into reading right away. It's especially helpful if you're only interested in the first few lines or paragraphs of a long response.

While digging around, AssembleDebug uncovered more than just real-time responses for Gemini. The tipster stumbled upon a new toggle called "Use location from your device" on the same settings page. As it implies, this feature would let users manage Gemini's access to their location.

Adding to the mix, PiunikaWeb recently reported that Gemini might incorporate your favorite music streaming service. It's a significant development, especially since Gemini is missing out on a few features compared to Google Assistant, and this could help bridge the gap.

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