The latest Find My Device update includes a new logo, new privacy features revealed

location tracking settings in Android
(Image credit: Jay Bonggolto / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The latest update to Google's Find My Device app includes a redesigned logo that embraces the abstract, along with Google's four-color theme.
  • Users are also getting glimpse within the updates into the upcoming network feature.
  • The network was delayed by Google, with no official word yet on an expected release.

If you’ve ever lost your phone gadgets, there’s been a surge of Bluetooth tracking tools to help — with Google being the latest tech company to jump on the bandwagon with its upgraded Find My Device network. However, while Google may have delayed the network launch earlier this summer, it looks like the latest version of the app adorns a new icon that hints at some of the network’s expected features.

Google just pushed out the latest update (v.3.0) of the app, which includes a new Find My Device logo. Initially spotted in June by the folks at 9to5Google and now rolling out, the redesigned icon eschews the green map-like logo in favor of an abstract radar-like symbol that matches Google’s usual four-color scheme. 

At this point, the v.3.0 update hasn’t reached the public yet, but you could access it at APKMirror if you feel inclined. Otherwise, it should reach most devices relatively soon.

It looks like Google opted for a refresh of the logo to synchronize the design with the company’s plans to expand the Find My Device app into a full-fledged network. Introduced at Google I/O in May, it essentially promises to use the power of millions of Android phones to locate missing gadgets, with future tracking in mind. It’s largely considered Google’s response to Apple’s Find My service, which similarly operates AirTags. 

However, Google subsequently delayed the network launch as it waited for Apple to develop a standard concerning unwanted location tracking.  This is amid safety concerns and joint efforts between the two companies to address the issue.  

Despite the delay, it looks like the wheels are finally turning. In addition to the design refresh, 9to5Google further noted that the company is also preparing location-based privacy settings to help users find missing phones and other accessories. 

Further, within the v.3.0 update, Mishaal Rahman uncovered a feature that seemingly allows users to mark a device as “lost” in order to be notified once it’s found. There’s also the ability to add your contact information if someone on the network locates your device. This is similar to AirTags, which allow users to view contact information upon scanning a lost item. 

Although Google still hasn’t announced an official roll-out date yet for the network, there’s no doubt that the latest app update gives us a sneak peek at the company’s plans.