Google 'Arts & Culture' app preps colorful new logo

Google office logo
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What you need to know

  • Google is updating the logo for its "Arts & Culture" app.
  • Applications filed for the new ampersand logo's trademark include Google's signature multi-colored blend and an all-black version.
  • Arts & Culture gives users a way to examine historic places around the world with VR technology and AR capabilities.

Google is looking to revamp its Arts & Culture app with its signature multi-color blend on an ampersand logo.

According to recent trademark documentation, Google has created two filings for this new ampersand logo (via 9to5Google). One application features Google's classic quad-colored blend, while the other is entirely black. Apparently, Google also shed some light on this new ampersand logo's intention by posting about it on the "Arts & Culture" Wikipedia page.

The new image upload was also tagged with the current year, signaling this new logo could be making an appearance on the app sometime soon. As it stands right now, the Arts & Culture app's logo remains unchanged. Google may feel this logo is a bit out of place, considering most of its apps are outfitted with its classic multi-colored design.

The application files for both logo designs further drive that Google intends this to be for its Arts & Culture app. The files mention, "fields of art, music, culture, history, etc." The service's virtual tours and virtual reality content are also mentioned.

Along with the VR content, Google's Arts & Culture app includes AR animals and artifacts for users to see on their phones. Google had partnered with Moscow's State Darwin Museum and London's Natural History Museum to bring prehistoric animals to life through our phones as a way for people to examine, up close, what these animals would've looked like if we were within inches of them.

For right now, Google's Arts & Culture app is still using the museum logo on Android devices and iOS. Only time will tell how much longer we'll need to wait for the logo change to roll through.

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