Google Arts And Culture Ancient CreaturesSource: Google

What you need to know

  • Google has added several ancient creatures to its Arts & Culture app.
  • It is now possible to view creatures like Cambropachycope, Aegirocassis, Silvertip shark, and the Blue whale in AR.
  • In addition to ancient critters, Google has also added a few unusual cultural artifacts such as the pre-Inca "smiling god" Lanzón and the Apollo 11 Command Module.

You can now interact with ancient creatures right in your living room with AR and Google's Arts & Culture app. Google has added a wide range of ancient creatures to its collection of AR objects in the Arts & Culture app, including Cambropachycope, an ancient crustacean that had a large, compound eye and a laterally flattened body.

Google Arts And Culture App Blue Whale ArSource: Google

To bring the ancient creatures back to digital life, Google partnered with Moscow's State Darwin Museum and London's Natural History Museum. Some of the other creatures that have been added to the Google Arts & Culture app include Aegirocassis, Spotted trunkfish, and the Blue Whale. You can not only view these creatures in AR but also take pictures or videos with them in your living room.

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Google Arts And Culture AegirocassisSource: Google

In addition to the ancient critters, Google has also added a collection of "unusual cultural artifacts" that you can now experience in AR. These include the pre-Inca "smiling god" Lanzón from 500 BCE and the Apollo 11 Command Module.

All the new additions are now available to view on Android and iOS devices with ARCore support.

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