The Fitbit app's major redesign rolls out this fall

The Fitbit app's new redesign coming later this fall.
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What you need to know

  • Google announces its redesigned Fitbit app will roll out "later this fall" and will include just three tabs for users.
  • Users will find "Today," "Coach," and "You" tabs for health stats, motivational videos, and an overview of goals and fitness achievements.
  • The timing could line up with the launch of the Pixel Watch 2 as some of the app's design aesthetics mirror a few recently leaked watch faces.

Ahead of the chillier months, Google is beginning to tease some new changes coming to the Fitbit app.

According to a Keyword blog post, the new redesigned Fitbit app will roll out for users "later this fall" — something we've been waiting on. Although it looks a little different than previously thought, the new Fitbit app will introduce several visual changes, with Google stating users will find refreshed colors, photography, illustrations, and icons.

The Fitbit app has been refined to only feature three tabs (icons), Today, Coach, and You, in the bottom navigation row.

The "Today" tab displays a user's top stats, and its metrics can be customized to fit whatever goals a person is focused on. Users will find a better visualization of progress over extended periods of time through charts and graphics that will display their trends.

The new "Coach" tab is pretty similar to the existing "Discovery" tab on the Fitbit app today. Here users will find motivational workout content here alongside a "curated list" of mindfulness sessions, as well. And with Fitbit Premium, users will gain access to more tools like HIIT and dance cardio classes from this tab.

The last of the tabs is "You," which will deliver a personalized overview of goals, personal details, community connections, and achievements, which have also undergone some visual changes.

Google is looking to bring an easier experience logging in fitness data, and the app has been upgraded to be a little more accurate when a user utilizes their phone to track a walk, run, or hike to count their steps. The app will also continue to display a map detailing the route users took on their outdoor adventure.

Lastly, the company touches on the privacy and safety of the new Fitbit app, stating it is backed by Google's "industry-leading" software in that regard. You may remember Fitbit started alerting users to its mandatory migration from standalone accounts to Google accounts. This not only serves as an easier form of login, but it pairs Fitbit accounts with Google's Privacy Center for a little more peace of mind security-wise.

The Fitbit app's new redesign coming later this year gets us thinking about the upcoming Pixel Watch 2 and Pixel 8 series. The former had some fresh new watch faces leak, and the aesthetics of a few of those faces sort of mirror what we're seeing with Fitbit's proposed "visual refresh."

It would also make sense if the Fitbit app's changes were timed with the Pixel Watch 2 launch (likely in October), but we'll have to wait and see.

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