Apple Music Classical drops on Android, download now on the Play Store

Apple Music Classical
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What you need to know

  • Apple Music Classical has silently dropped on Android devices.
  • The service was first introduced on Apple devices in March this year.
  • Existing Apple Music subscribers can utilize the new streaming service for free.

Apple Music Classical is the latest standalone music streaming service from the company that was launched for iPhones in March for the U.S. and other regions worldwide. During the announcement, Apple said it would soon be coming to Android devices.

Two months later, the company silently made the streaming service available to Android devices and is available to download through Google Play Store. This makes the streaming service open to a vast market of Android users, very similar to what Apple Music has done so far.

Over 5 million tracks are available on Apple Music Classical, including well-known recordings, thousands of exclusive albums, recordings by renowned orchestras, and undiscovered treasures. Like the Apple Music collection, there is also a hand-selected Editor's Choice selection.

Apple Music Classical for Android

(Image credit: Apple)

Existing Apple Music subscription owners on Android devices can start listening to Apple Music Classical on their devices without the need to sign up. The new app's interface is akin to the Apple Music interface on Android handsets.

The Classical music streaming service will feature specially selected playlists, information on the composers, and a "fully optimized search" that can "find any recording."

When searching for a work or a composer, users will be able to locate a variety of recordings from different composers. For compatible Android handsets, the app will also support spatial audio.

According to Apple, the new service is intended for people looking for a more balanced listening experience. Listeners of classical music would benefit from this as other music streaming services lack such specialized music options.

It is worth mentioning that Apple Music arrived on Android phones four months after its debut on Apple devices in 2015. meanwhile, Apple Music Classical came to Android devices outside the U.S., including India, within just two months of the official release. 

While this sounds strange and intriguing at the same time, our sister site iMore has revealed that Android users received the new streaming service before Apple devices like iPads and Macs.

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