Latest Apple Music beta brings a new Now Playing screen for Android

OnePlus Buds Pro 2 next to Pixel 7 Pro playing Apple Music
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What you need to know

  • Apple Music beta 4.3.0 brings new features to the music streaming service.
  • It brings a fresh animated Now Playing screen and a new song credits section.
  • These new features were earlier found in iOS 17 Beta 3.

Apple Music for Android recently gained a new Discovery station resembling Spotify's Discovery mode. While it was released officially, a new makeover to the beta version of the app also brings some exciting new features.

Apple released its recent iOS 17 Beta 3, which gave a design makeover to Apple Music. It included a new animated "Now Playing" screen alongside a new credits page that reveals more details of a song, first featured in the Apple Music Classical app. Both are also now available for Android phone users.

Apple Music Now Playing animation

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The Now Playing screen update is now available for Apple Music for Android users in beta with the latest 4.3.0 update. The update brings a large interface with full-screen album art instead of small square album cover images. The interface further includes animation and live artwork for some of the latest albums. The included GIF illustrates how the animation works for Apple Music users on Android.

The other exciting change can be found if we go deeper into the Now Playing section. Hitting the three dots right next to the song name opens up the standard menu, which now has a new section for detailed song credits.

It opens up a new page again with the album art followed by additional options and details, including a View Lyrics button, a list of performing artists involved in the song, and the audio quality of the respective track that's being played (Lossless or Spatial Audio, for example). As mentioned earlier, this section was found in the Apple Music Classical app.

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All in all, it is good to see Apple pushing its native music streaming app's updates to non-Apple devices like Android devices, as well as Windows devices — with the recent Discovery Station rollout. The feature is likely to get out of beta when the Cupertino tech giant releases iOS 17 officially, which is expected to be sometime in September with new iPhones. Until then, beta users can enjoy the features that could likely be added in the coming weeks for the Apple Music app.

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