Android 14 Beta 4 is here, bringing support for the Pixel Fold and Tablet

Android 14 logo on Pixel 7 against white gaming rig
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What you need to know

  • Android 14 Beta 4 is here, and the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet join the testing ahead of the update's stable release.
  • Several user and developer-reported bugs have been patched with Beta 4.
  • Android 14 is expected to see a full, stable launch in August.

With us into the second week of July, Google has started pushing its next Android 14 test to those enrolled in the program.

According to an Android Developers blog post, Android 14 Beta 4 is now starting to roll out for eligible Pixel devices. Following the release of Beta 3 in June, Google states Beta 4 marks the second entry into Platform Stability for the upcoming Android 14 software. Beta 4 bears build number UPB4.230623.005.

As usual, Google has posted the official patch notes for the beta. With us entering Beta 4, the company has included its most recent two devices: the Pixel Fold and the Pixel Tablet in the testing. The aforementioned devices join Pixel phones from the 4a 5G up to the Pixel 7a. Factory and OTA images for these devices are available now, as well.

A few bug fixes are as follows:

Google has included additional fixes for fingerprint readers, app launch animations, face unlock, system UI crashes, and overall system stability. There are 23 other fixes within this Beta 4 rollout, as well.

The company did list several problems within the Android 14 software that is aware of and that testers may come across. One problem involves the UI occasionally flickering whenever a user attempts to watch a video or an app is put into picture-in-picture mode. Another problem deals with Wi-Fi scanning, causing users to encounter an increase in power consumption and slow connectivity until the device is restarted.

While it doesn't like there's much to expect in terms of changes, Mishaal Rahman noticed Google altered the "silent" and "mute" mode icons in the status bar.

It looks like Google has swapped out the typical "bell" icon with a slash through it for a speaker icon, instead. As a side note, Google updated the SystemUI icon, outfitting it with the Android 14 patch.

Into the settings, it looks like Google has shifted around its "Speech" options. Instead of navigating into your keyboard settings, these options are now found within Settings > System > Language.

The company also slipped in a cool space sim easter egg with Android 14 Beta 4. If you're in the beta, you can head into your Settings > About Phone > Android Version and begin tapping "Android Version" until you see its logo floating in empty space. Rahman explains users should press and hold down on this logo until their hyperdrive is activated and they're whisked away into a small space mini-game.

Android 14 Beta 4 may take some time to reach all eligible devices, as usual. However, enrolled testers may expect one more beta before Google wraps things up in time to fully release Android 14's stable version according to its phase outlook.

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