Amazon launches kid-friendly mobile games for Android and iOS

Amazon Fire Tablet 8 Kids Edition
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What you need to know

  • Amazon has announced its first original games for the Amazon Kids+ service.
  • The games "Super Spy Ryan" and "Do, Re & Mi" are both launching on iOS, with the former coming to Android devices.
  • Amazon Kids+ is a monthly subscription service granting kids access to thousands of kid-friendly content.

Amazon is launching its "first original mobile games" from its Amazon Kids+ subscription service. The new games include "Super Spy Ryan" and "Do, Re & Mi," both of which are coming to iOS devices. However, "Super Spy Ryan" will also be available for Android phones.

Both games are based on Amazon specials of the same name, available as part of Amazon Kids+. The service gives families access to thousands of kid-friendly content for as low as $3 per month, although you won't need a subscription to download the new mobile games.

"We are always looking to bring joy and fun into the homes and lives of millions of families," says Natasha Lipovac, Global Head of Amazon Kids+ Content. "That’s why, two years ago, we began looking at how we could reach even more kids and bring the magic and thoughtfulness of Amazon Kids+ original content to mobile phones."

"'Super Spy Ryan' and 'Do, Re & Mi' represent some of our most popular Amazon Kids+ content. We hope both add smiles and laughter to kids and grown-ups alike with this first look at the new kind of fun coming from the Amazon Kids+ mobile games team."

"Do, Re & Mi" is a music education game that helps kids learn to read sheet music and play instruments such as the piano or bongos. It features the voices of both Kristen Bell and Jackie Tohn, who are also involved in the Amazon special. "Super Spy Ryan," based on the animated special from Sunlight Entertainment and, is a single or multiplayer game that lets players choose from a selection of characters. The game includes a "party mode," allowing players on the same Wi-Fi network to play against each other and rescue as many stolen birthday gifts as possible.

"Super Spy Ryan" is available starting today on iOS and Android in the U.S., UK, and Ireland. It will be available soon in Canada, Germany, and Japan. Amazon Kids+ subscribers will also be able to download the game soon on the best Amazon Fire tablets. "Do, Re & Mi" will also be available soon on iOS devices and Fire tablets.

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