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    The Google Calendar Android app allows users to monitor, edit, and create calendar events for both google and non-Google calendar quickly and easily from their smartphone or tablet. Events can be color-coded for easy identification and sorting, scheduling repeating events and event notifications are simple and straightforward. You can view your calendars in a daily, weekly, or monthly view, and the integration with Google’s other apps allow you to add Google Calendar events directly from your emails for meetings, travel times, and special events, and get upcoming events in your cards on Google Now.

    Google Calendar is still having issues on HTC devices, and the widget choices are still somewhat simplistic, but Google’s Calendar is still the standard for a good many Android users. It may not be the most cutting-edge calendar known to man, but it'll keep you organized and get you done organizing your calendar and out to the meetings on it, which is what calendars are there for in the first place.


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    Google Calendar: Everything you need to know!

    Everything you need to know about Google Calendar. Google Calendar is an amazing and useful app because it's more than that — it's a cross-platform service that is as elegant as it is versatile. It starts by being pre-loaded on your Android phone, tablet or Chromebook, and it goes from there....

    Google Calendar's Material Design refresh on desktop is officially rolling out

    Along with the new UI, Google's also introducing a ton of new features for making you as productive as can be. Back in August, a version of Google Calendar on the desktop with a new Material Design UI was spotted by a lucky user on Reddit. This offered us a few screenshots of things to come, but...

    Google Calendar is soon getting a Material Design overhaul on the desktop

    Google will soon be rolling out Material Design to the Google Calendar website The Google Calendar app for Android first received Material Design way back in 2014, but the same cannot be said of the website. It has been over three years since Google first introduced the Material Design language,...

    Google Calendar takes on Facebook with improvements for large events

    G Suite users will now have additional tools at their disposal for events with more than 200 attendees. Google has announced a set of new features for Google Calendar that will allow event organizers to better manage their events if the event has more than 200 attendees. These will certainly come...

    Google Calendar now integrates with Google Fit to track your workout goals

    It's good to have goals. New Year's means New Year's Resolutions, and everyone wants to help you lose weight, exercise more, eat better, or whatever else you drunkenly decided to do over the holidays. Even us. Google Calendar wants to help you with them, with their Goals on Google Calendar....

    How to change your Google Calendar view, change the color of events, and return to today's date

    It's super easy to adjust your view from within Google Calendar. Google Calendar is one of the easiest ways to keep track of all the moving parts in your life, from upcoming birthdays to meetings you need to attend. Now the default view on Calendar will show you your schedule, and what you've...

    How to add a goal to Google Calendar

    Adding a goal in Google Calendar can help to keep you on track. Plenty of us already use Google Calendar to keep track of the many different parts of our lives. On top of making events and reminders, you can also set goals for yourself. These include goals for exercising, work, friends, and...

    How to add events and reminders to Google Calendar for Android

    How do I add events and reminders to Google Calendar? Google Calendar allows you to easily keep track of your busy schedule. With events and reminders, you can ensure that you never forget the important days, no matter how busy you get. We're here to show you how to do it all the right way. How...
    Copa America Centenario on Google Calendar

    How to add the Copa America Centenario schedule to Google Calendar

    If you're a fan of soccer, you're looking at a great three weeks with Copa America. The prestigious Copa America tournament puts 16 nations from the Americas against one another in a fantastic tournament that will play out across the country, with some of the biggest names in world soccer (or,...
    Google Calendar can now auto-dial your conference call passcodes

    Google Calendar can now dial conference call passcodes for you

    A very minor, but no less useful update is headed out to Google Calendar, bringing a feature that should be a welcome addition for anyone who frequently dials in to conference calls. Now, when you dial in to a conference call from Google Calendar, the app can automatically add the relevant...

    Google Calendar for Android makes scheduling meetings much easier

    Google is rolling out a new feature to Google Calendar that should make scheduling meetings much easier. Available for Google Apps for Work and Edu users, the new "find a time" button will automatically pick out the best times for a meeting based on the schedules of everyone in the group....

    Goals in Google Calendar will help find some time for yourself

    Google Calendar's latest feature for those on mobile is Goals. This handy addition to the cloud-based service will automatically book time out of your day to achieve set goals. Should you want to learn a new language or get fit, Calendar will be able to work around meetings, scheduled events...



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    Google Calendar


    I'm using Google Now on a Samsung device. I have a built in calendar but I been using Google Now to set reminders. I'm kinda going threw a Google only phase right now.

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