Anker's new Soundcore Life Q30 Bluetooth headphones have dropped to $68

Soundcore Life Q
Soundcore Life Q

Even when these headphones were going for their $80 street price, the Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Bluetooth headphones were considered our favorite Value Pick for the best wireless headphones of 2021. Now you can get even more value out of them because they are down to a great low price of $67.99 on Amazon. Considering these are the newest headphones in the Soundcore Life lineup, they haven't had a lot of time to even go on sale so this is a great opportunity.

These hybrid Bluetooth headphones reduce ambient noise up to 95% thanks to active noise-cancelling mics and can let it in when you need to hear. Battery lasts up to 40 hours with ANC on and 60 hours with it off. First in the series to use USB-C.

The Q30 headphones use a combination of internal and external microphones to generate some powerfully advanced active noise cancellation technology. You can filter out 95% of low-frequency ambient sound so you just can't hear anything going on around you. That's great if you're looking for some distraction-free music listening. The ANC is customizable and comes with three modes: indoor, outdoor, and transport. The latter choice minimizes things like airplane engine noise so you can use these headphones while you're moving around. Outdoor can help when dealing with traffic and wind, and Indoor can make the busy office or noisy cafe disappear around you.

In addition to the noise cancelling, the Q30 also produce great sound. The audio is Hi-Res certified and uses 40mm drivers to play every detail of all of your favorite songs. The silk diaphragms give you bass you can feel while improving clarity with crisp treble.

The battery life is another outstanding feature of these headphones. The Q30 can last for up to 60 hours on a single charge. Even with the ANC on and going strong, you'll still get as much as 40 hours. That is plenty of time for all-day listening, even if you're traveling a lot. Plus thanks to the built-in quick charging tech you can charge the battery for just five minutes and get another four hours of listening.

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