Android Travel Tip: Document your documents

Once upon a time, a blogger flew a quarter of the way around the world and back to cover a little mobile conference. And not only did he get to spend an extra night in Atlanta after being turned around within sight of home (thanks, fog!), he managed to lose his gate-check slip in the process after naively offering to stick his bag in the belly of the plane to make room for others. Amateur.

There's a simple solution for all this. Document your documents. At the very least, use your phone's camera. Check a bag? Take a picture of your claim slip. Have a receipt you need to keep? Snap a pic.

Or to really do things the right way, use some sort of note-taking app with syncing abilities -- the Google Docs, Evernote, etc. (And travel apps such as Tripit and Flight Track should add this feature in, too.) At some point, it'll save your bacon.

Phil Nickinson