Android Nougat update for the Shield Tablet K1 is now live

Android 7.0 is on the way for your Shield Tablet K1, extending the life of everyone's favorite 8-incher and bringing all the new features of Google's latest.

Besides the Android 7 enhancements — split screen, Doze 2.0, better notifications and those sweet, sweet emojis 🌮 🦄 — we see some extra awesome tossed into the mix with support for the new 2017 controller and an exclusive Shield Rewards loyalty program that we're eager to check out.

The update is pushing out now, so grab your Shield and make sure it's charged up. Now begin mashing that button! NVIDIA's full changelog is below.

SHIELD Controller (2017) Support

  • Updates to SHIELD controller support

New Multitasking Features

  • Split-screen: Run two apps side by side* in Portrait or Landscape modes
  • Quick switch: Double tap the Overview button to quickly switch back to the last opened app

Improved Notifications

  • Multiple notifications from the same app are now bundled for a streamlined experience
  • Reply to messages directly from within the notification*
  • Tap and hold on a notification to quickly silence or block notifications from the app

Improved Power Consumption

  • Doze on the Go: Doze is now smarter & kicks in even when the device is being carried around


  • Includes all-new Unicode 9 emojis

Usability Improvements

  • Display & Font size can now separately adjustable to improve readability or screenspace
  • Quick Settings can now be customized directly from the menu by tapping "Edit"
  • The top Quick Setting tiles can now be accessed with a downward swipe from the lock screen
  • Settings now includes a Navigation Menu & Suggestions to improve usability
  • The "Clear all" option in Overview have been relocated to the top right

System wide improvements including:

  • New Data Saver: when enabled, limits access to Cellular data for background apps
  • New JIT compiler: improves the speed of App & System updates
  • Update to Android Security Patch Level December 1, 2016

SHIELD Rewards Program

  • Introducing SHIELD Rewards, the exclusive loyalty program for SHIELD owners
Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Excellent.
  • This tablet has gotten some amazing support. I wish more companies could be like this. I suppose it's a lot easier when you only have a handful of devices to update though Haha
  • Kinda reminds me of the way Motorola was before Google sold it to Lenovo.
  • I sure hope this fixes the lag on mine. Love it but man do apps open slow and the touch response time on it is abysmal.
  • I had the same problem until I realized that it was a rogue app causing the problem. The app was AVG Antivirus Pro. It was somehow interfering with the Shield K1 doze power saving features. Once I uninstalled the app, my K1 is as snappy fast as ever!
  • Just two days ago I was about ready to throw my Shield off a high building because it was driving me crazy. It would take 1-2 minutes after waking before it was responsive, the battery would go down by 10% for 20 min of screen time, it would freeze every other day, etc. I knew the update was coming but decided to factory reset it and start from scratch. The day of being on clean marshmallow was 1000x better and now that it has Nougat it's even better than that.
  • It's a problem with notifications actually. I turned off auto-sync and all lag problems went away. As I have my notifications on my cell phone, I don't need them on my tablet, so after Nougat I didn't turn it on again.
  • Oh wow! 😲 Getting N, I've kept keeping this tablet in sight. Pay finally pull trigger.
  • Nice! The Shield K1 is the best tablet I have ever owned (and I've had a few) and they keep making it better!
  • Kinda makes me wish they made a successor... Shield PX1? :D
  • That would be very nice indeed.
  • Ohhhhhh. I can't wait to get home from work.
  • I wish I had gotten this tablet.
  • I wonder if the original will get it as well
  • Yup also for the OG Shield tablet...but LTE version has to wait for carrier sign off
  • ^ Yup. Everything in this change log is for every shield tablet. And it's a shame that updates for Android are so screwed up that we even have to question that.
  • Just downloaded the update on mine. Came in at about 704mb. Took about 10 minutes to download and fully install. Make sure you update all of your apps so they can run on Nougat. My machine is flying now and I can verify the new controller works perfectly now. Great freakin' tablet!
  • Uggh so mad. Mine was like 500 in I left the break room at work it stopped the update and is now saying I'm up-to-date
  • I debated between the OG Shield Tablet and my Samsung Tab S 8.4. I love the AMOLED screen on the Tab S, but in almost every other regard I wish I had bought the Shield Tablet. To be fair, at that time no one knew that NVIDIA would be awesome with OS updates.
  • But you knew Samsung WOULDN'T BE awesome with updates at that time!
  • Haha. I knew I'd get an Android 5.0 upgrade (which I did...eventually), and I got a good deal on the Tab S. Also, did I mention the killer AMOLED screen? It still looks amazing. In contrast, the Shield was NVIDIA's first tablet, and it was easy to imagine NVIDIA walking away if sales were mediocre (same as Dell did with the Venue tablets last year). So, Android 5.0 was a reasonable expectation, but no one would have predicted 6.0, much less 7.0. Honestly, I think it's fine for manufacturers with many products to offer 1-2 major OS updates before calling it quits. Otherwise, they'd spend all of their time updating software for old products that aren't paying the bills. However, I wish they were better about security updates. NVIDIA made the ongoing support easier by minimizing the changes to their follow-up devices (Shield K1 and Shield TV 2016), enabling them to roll the same OS updates to the OG devices without too much extra work. That's really smart, but it also means that you don't get newer hardware tech like fingerprint readers and 4K screens. You can kind of see this in Apple's devices. Anecdotally, I've perceived that the OS updates were more stable when they had fewer devices in the product tree. Now that they have a wider variety of iPhones and iPads, it seems like iOS updates are more prone to bugs.
  • no, major manufacturers cut updates to sell more, they know people will buy no matter what and they pull this "trick" to forced u to buy in 2 years time, there is no other reason
  • I disagree with your perception that there's no other reason to stop developing software for old products, but i know I'm in the minority. My Tab S is now over two years old and works fine with Android 5.0. Would I like to have 7.0 on it? Yeah, definitely. But that would require Samsung to invest time and resources into development for a product that will never again generate profit for them. Given that no one's resources are unlimited, that equates to less time on development of new features for future products. And if you're a for-profit company, your reputation and future products matter quite a bit. Moreover, no one is forcing me to own a tablet in the first place, so I just can't buy into the notion that manufacturers are trying to screw us over by not updating old products. I think they're just making choices, and that they make mistakes the same as anyone else. If anything, I think the problem is expectations. Google is smart to say that they'll put two years of development into Nexus/Pixel devices before moving on, because it sets an appropriate expectation for consumers (hence my earlier comment about 1-2 major OS updates being good enough for me). It protects their reputation and enables them to move on to new things without the perception that they're actively screwing their customers. Other manufacturers would do well to adopt the same commitment. TL;DR - i think it's okay for profit-generating companies to prioritize generating profit, since I can choose to not buy their products.
  • Is this tablet still worth buying new now, in 2017? My old Tab 4 is starting to really show it's age and this seems like the perfect tablet, but it's also pushing 2 years old now I think. Just wondering if it's hardware can keep up as software becomes more demanding, and secondly, is this the last major update it will recieve?
  • Not really, this would be the last update but i think a new shield tablet is coming soon and if u want a tablet buy the shield. nvida has been nothing but awesome really really awesome, best support ever, and the device, well lets just say that if they launch a phone im in no matter the price
  • I could see maybe 1 more update. The processor is getting a little long in tooth, it would be awesome if Nvidia came out with an upgraded version of this, but nothing seems to be coming anytime soon   
  • I've been thinking the same thing. i am leaning toward Yes, as it is:
    the only $200 tablet running 7.0.
    Probably the fastest one.
    I own a Shield TV and like it, and have controllers already.
    Read some place that since Nvidia got the contracts for chips for the Nintendo Switch and they are not going to compete in the tablet space.
    This was not a big seller like the Shield TV.
  • The Shield K1 is barely over a year old. It will get 7.x updates and maybe Android O. The K1 processor is just as powerful as the Snapdragon 820 in my opinion same with graphics. The tablet is incredible. The forward facing speakers for watching Netflix, magnetic cover compatibility, hdmi out for big screen gaming, micro sd card support for adopted storage means all the games and offline Netflix you can throw on a 128 gb sd card. If you are not a gamer, the K1 easily passes off as a somewhat plastic looking black slate. It's not ugly, but it's no Gpad. The screen is high resolution and bright. As for the OS, it's Stock with a boatload of options in the settings. Not even custom roms have so many options, I wish Nvidia made a smartphone.
  • Best tablet. nvdia we need a smartphone cmon
  • Not gonna happen, thanks to Qualcomm.
  • Can we get that fleshed out in an Android and Chill post?
  • Agree. What does that mean?
  • When's NVIDIA gonna make a phone????? I'm stuck at work, this is gonna be a LOOOOOONG day....
  • When I was looking for a tablet in June 2016, I thought an 8" display was too small. After reading the reviews including AC's, I took a chance and paid my $200 (!!!!) for the NVIDIA Shield K1. It turned out to be the perfect tablet for me. I don't play any games, but the K1's performance is great for general use. The update to Nougat 7.0 is the cherry on top of the sundae.
  • Updated mine. A bonus is that rooting it doesn't break play store certification so I can still download fire emblem unlike on my pixel phone.
  • K... Everyone really seems to love their Shield. Hmmmm. I have been severely disappointed with battery life and performance of this thing from the get go. Gaming performance is good... But anything else, this tablet turns into a laggy mess. Web browsing, terrible. Kodi... Unusably slow. If I'm missing something, tell me.
  • How to update a rooted Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 which is on Marshmallow without losing data?