Android Central's Guide to Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is Nigh!  It's not here yet, but it's nigh!  The biggest retail day of the season is almost upon us, and buried among the John Tesh Christmas albums and holiday sweaters are some truly sweet deals on Android devices if you can find them.  That's where we come in.  Join us after the break to see the amazing deals we've uncovered. Find your own? Leave 'em in the comments. via []

Carrier Deals:

The Holiday isn't just for the big box retailers.  Carriers are sure to come out with some amazing deals to try and entice you to sign a contract with them this holiday season.  While a few deals have leaked out, expect them to have massive marketing campaigns the closer we get to Christmas.  Here's what we know so far:

AT&T: (opens in new tab)

$.01 Smartphone deals:  They're going to have a different smartphone offered for a penny every three hours.  Perhaps that Android handset you're waiting for 


Mission Possible:  Get the Huawei Ascend for $99.99 when you trade in any phone ($30 savings)


No listed promotions yet, but expect them to update this page soon with various promotions, and with their lineup you can expect Android to feature front and Center.

T-Mobile: (opens in new tab)

BoGo:  Buy a featured smartphone or the Galaxy Tab on a qualifying 2yr agreement at retail pricing and get another premium device (or featured android handset) for free.

Free Optimus T: Get the new LG Froyo Powered handset for free with a 2yr agreement.

Verizon: (opens in new tab)

Smartphone's Talk Free:  On a family plan and looking to upgrade to a smartphone, or sign up for the first time?  Verizon will credit the $10 add-a-Line cost for the life of the contract, saving you a potential $240 per line over 2 years.

Best Buy:  

Sale hours 5:00am to 10:00pm

  • Sprint: LG Optimus S:  Free (/w 2yr agreement)
  • Sprint: Samsung Transform:  $69 (/w 2yr agreement)
  • Sprint: Samsung Galaxy Tab:  $549.99
  • Verizon: Samsung Fascinate:  $1 (/w 2yr agreement)
  • Verizon: HTC Incredible:  $1 (/w 2yr agreement)
  • Verizon: Samsung Galaxy Tab:  $549.99


Sale hours 12:00am to 12:00am

  • Verizon: LG Ally:  Free (/w 2yr agreement)

The Shack:

Sale hours 5:30am to 12:00am

  • AT&T: Samsung Captivate:  Free (/w 2yr agreement)
  • T-Mobile: Samsung Vibrant:  $49.99 (/w 2yr agreement)
  • Sprint: Samsung Intercept:  Free (/w 2yr agreement)
  • Sprint: Samsung Transform:  Free (/w 2yr agreement)

Sam's Club:

Sale hours 5:00am to 12:00am

  • Verizon: Samsung Fascinate:  $0.96 (/w 2yr agreement)

Android Tablets:

If you're on the hunt for a Bargain-priced Android handset we haven't forgotten about you.  Despite Google's insistence that Android isn't ready for the tablet form factor, dozens of device manufacturers have devices vying for your cash this holiday season.  These devices don't have access to the Android Marketplace, but they're priced lower than the only tablet that currently does.  If you're looking for a basic android tablet for yourself or a loved one, check out some of the offers below:

  • Hastings: Sylvania 7" Android tablet:  $149.99
  • Kmart (opens in new tab): Augen 7" Android tablet:  $139.99
  • Sears (opens in new tab):  Velocity Cruz 7" Android tablet:  $249.99
  • Sears (opens in new tab): Viewsonic 10" Android tablet: $379.99
  • Staples (opens in new tab): Viewsonic 10" Android tablet: $399.99
  • Toys-R-Us: Sylvania 7" Android tablet: $139.99

If we missed any deals, please let us know in the comments and we'll update the list as soon as we can. While you're out researching your next purchase, be sure to swing by our forums to read feedback from other users.  

And if you're buying for someone who already has an Android phone, stop by our store (opens in new tab) and pick up an extra case, dock or extended battery.  Happy shopping everyone.

  • Best Buy has the Sprint Epic for $80.
  • Can you point me to an ad? I am looking at their thanksgiving ad now and I can't see that price. The Transform is there for $70
  • It was the transform that I saw (Oops). I apologize for the confusion.
  • You forgot the Dell Mobile deal for the Droid Incredible -- free with $25 Dell Gift Card! Thanks for putting this together, awesome to be able to compare everything! The $10 a month additional line access cost credit sounds very interesting for Verizon Wireless...
  • We wanted to try and keep it to store deals with the exception of carriers (if we went online deals this list would be a lot longer). That dell deal is really sweet though.
  • Sprint needs to stop having crappy Black Friday deal, all other carriers are giving away their top end Android Smartphones for free, .01 cents or really cheap. The Epic and EVO need to be on the list, no questions asked
  • Where did you see the Epic for $80, it doesn't show it in the bestbuy ads.
  • Swiftkey is dropping the price by 50% on black friday.
    This is celebrating half a million downloads. Its in the market. See's blog.
  • HTC EVO is free at sprint on black friday. Link is right here.
  • Looks like its bogo... Still a good deal though!
  • It mentioned LetsTalk pricing. I can't find anything to back up that (and stores) is offering the bogo.
  • I work at a sams club cell phone kiosk and the deals we are having are:
    Samsung fascinate for one dollar
    Incredible is free
    Samsung epic is 100 dollars
    Lg optimus s is free
    Samsung captivate is 50
    So those are the deals sams club is having on Friday
  • Do you have Promotional Material with these pricings on it? Or some website to direct us to? The only one I could verify with Sams was the fascinate pricing
  • Well if I was at work i could post a picture that has the pricing on it, but i wont be in until 430 tomorrow morning lol.
    Problem is that sams club rarely advertises anything to do with the cell phones
  • How much will the Evo be at the sams club kiosk?
  • The problem with Sam's club mobile is that most of them are not owned by sam's club. I work at a sam's club where the kiosk is run by sam's club and not a vendor company. Your sam's club may have completely different deals depending on who runs the kiosk. Our black friday deals are: Fascinate- $.96
    Captivate- $.96
    Vibrant- $.96
    Epic 4g - $.96 fyi, at my club, the optimus has been $.96 since the day it came out and the droid 2 dropped to $.96 last week. normal pricing.
  • How can you tell if your local Sam's Club is run by Sam's Club or a vendor company???? Totally want the epic for $.96
  • some of them say "sam's club mobile" on the posters. just ask them to be sure.
  • Also... I found evo for 99 instant on Walmart
  • I'm on VZ- what options do I have to get a new phone (I'm currently on an Eris, bought this time last year)? Can I re-up with a new, longer contract, or do I have to pay full price? VZ says on their web site that I'm not eligible for an upgrade until NEXT FREAKIN' JULY, but I want a NEW PHONE! Can I take advantage of the BB $1 DInc or the free DInc spot or what? Anybody know??
  • Verizon will let you do an early upgrade at 1 year. I did this at BJ's last January to get my D1. I don't know if you can get in on any of the Dinc deals.
  • The Verizon $10 off deal is good until January.
  • The Shack will have the Evo for $149.99 new and upgrade with no activation fee just for tomorrow though.
  • The Shack will have the Evo for $149.99 new and upgrade with no activation fee just for tomorrow though.
  • The real Black Friday deal is at cellhub! Nearly all Tmobile phones are free right now with free activation and 2 day shipping. G2, Mytouch 4G and on and on.
  • Can someone please email me Samsung Epic Deals? Im deployed to Afghanistan and want to keep my wife informed. Thank You Email:
  • Any good deals for the Droid X?
  • i ordered my girlfriends fascinate upgrade on best buys web site this morning, and it was free instead of the $1.
  • If found a DX for $80 as an upgrade on a 2ndary line would anyone blame me for jumping on it? Best deal have found for non-primary upgrade. (anyone know better? Dell btw)
  • amazon wireless had the droid x for $1 or so - something crazy - Deffinatly check amazon wireless - and walmart they are offering $100 GCard for any qualifiying smartphone - Saw a deal earlier that walmart was going through "let's talk" and that the coupon codes for $25 off were working so it was like getting an X and $100 GC for 24.99
  • Looks like all the Galaxy S phones are $.96 at Sams Club online for 4 days. Looks like the Epic is left out though.
  • sears has the viewsonic 10" g-tab for $399.99 with a mail in rebate for a free docking station TODAY ONLY!! i just went to check and see if they had started the $379.99 pricing announced for tomorrow, but this actually seems like a better deal. get in on it before midnight!!
  • The hours for Sams is wrong. 5am not 12am.
  • Fixed. Thanks... Found this out the hard way (Just got back from our local store) Looks like I WON'T be getting that wonderful HDTV at midnight.
  • Yeah I drove 40 miles to my nearest club at 10:30 to get in line for midnight but then found out that it was 5am so had to drive back home and will head back out in a few hours. Planning to get two Facinates.
  • Got the sylvania 7"tab, not bad, now how do I root this thing, lol.
  • QVC is selling the PanImage Tablet for 130, 4 easy payments of 32....
  • Your sign above is actually a white Friday. It's not black.
  • Really a educative and informative post, the post is good in all regards,I am glad to read this post. Black Friday Android Deals
  • A bit off the point... I'm grateful that I'm not working at a retail store today. Don't want to have anything to do with those customers who want to shop today (and tomorrow at Target.) Thank goodness! Hate black Fridays. Seriously.
  • A bit off the point... I'm grateful that I'm not working at a retail store today. Don't want to have anything to do with those customers who want to shop today (and tomorrow at Target.) Thank goodness! Hate black Fridays. Seriously.
  • Getting a DROOOOOIIIID (not OG, 2, nor Pro) X for only $0 and free shipping directly from Amazon. Yup, $0 for a Droid X, $0 in tax plus $0 for shipping. The total price is $0! Amazon ROCKS! Why wait in line? Suckers!
  • I hate that Sprint is being so stingy. I'm trying to get the Epic, but the cheapest is $198.
  • I just ordered the Epic through Walmarts Wireless. It was 189.00 with a 100.00 Wal-Mart gift card.
  • Confirmed Epic 4g at Sams Club for $100 on upgrade. It was going to be on sale for Friday and Saturday. Also, did not need a Sams Card to buy the phone, it is a kiosk owned and operated by Radio Shack. I'll probably get it later today.
  • see thats what i mean about deals being different at sam's club. if you can find a sam's club kiosk run by sam's club, you can get that epic for $0.96
  • Just got the Transform for $1.00 at Best Buy with my upgrade on Sprint
  • These deals would be great if freakin' VZ would let me upgrade my phone!! I bought it last Nov when it was new (an Eris) and they say I can't upgrade til 7/11 - especially not at a 3rd party dealer like BB. This sucks. Thank God for rooting and custom ROMs....
  • US Cellular Samsung Mesmerize 99.99 after $80 MiR
    HTC Desire 49.99 after $80 MiR
    Samsung Acclaim FREE after $80 MiR
    LG Apex FREE after MiR All new line activations receive $150.00 bill credit per line. Sale ends 11/29