Android 7.1.2 rolling out to some Pixel C and Nexus Player users

Android 7.1.2 Beta for Pixel C
Android 7.1.2 Beta for Pixel C

Android 7.1.2 brings the Pixel Launcher to the Pixel C and it's apparently begun a wider rollout.

Along with the Nexus Player, people have reported to Android Police that they are seeing the update today to bring the two devices up to speed with the newest version of Android. There have been scattered reports of people getting the build on their tablet in the past days, but this seems to be less scattered and more focused.

A rollout right about now matches well with word from the Canadian carrier Rogers who has plans to push a substantial update on April 3 for the Pixel phones. We were told the 7.1.2 update would contain "bug fixes and optimizations, along with a small number of enhancements for carriers and users" and Rogers says their April 3 update will enable VoLTE and bring the latest updates.

Android 7.1.2 may not be chock full of features for most of us, but it's great to see it on the way after an apparently successful beta period. And for Rogers customers, they'll have a little more to look forward to in the near future.

  • Hopefully tomorrow Pixel and Nexus phones will get the update.
  • Pixel OTAs were posted today on Google servers.
  • Pfft.... Right....
  • It s horribly ugly... Google please do something to have something changing on your updates they all look similar and nothing new at all
  • It's funny, the Pixel C went from forgotten child to favorite spoiled child in less than a month. How ironic :P
  • Black Sheep it is no longer indeed!
  • I received 7.1.2 on my Pixel C this morning
  • Vertical mode with the launcher has too much space between main apps and others
  • Yup got it on pixel c this morning
  • For those who have 7.1.2, what's the build number?
  • N2G47D
  • Also, what's the security patch level? Still March?
  • April
  • Well that pretty much confirms that we should see an announcement of 7.1.2 along with the April security patch announcement.
  • My 5x also just got 7.1.2/April/N2G47F