Amazon's new Echo Dot with a built-in clock is already on sale

Echo Dot with Clock
Echo Dot with Clock (Image credit: Android Central)

Amazon unveiled... well, a whole lot of new stuff today, ranging from a smart oven to truly wireless earbuds to yet another iteration of its Fire TV Cube. Not to be missed is the all-new Echo Dot 3rd Generation Smart Speaker with Built-In Clock, which will be released on October 16th. The addition of a built-in clock is a great one, and Echo Dot speakers are the building blocks of many connected homes. The speaker has a list price of $59.99, but today you can add two to your cart and use code DOT2PACK to drop your total from $119.99 down to $99.98. That $20 discount basically makes the two new speakers cost the same as the versions without the built-in clock.

If you don't care about the LED time-teller, you can use the same code to get $20 off two Echo Dot smart speakers, which extends to the pretty new Plum colorway. Amazon pre-orders include a pricing guarantee that ensures you'll only pay the lowest price if the cost drops before your order ships.

These new-and-improved speakers will sell for $60 apiece, but using this coupon code during checkout will save you $20. The pre-order price guarantee means you'll only pay the lowest price once these ship in October.

When compared to the 2nd-gen speaker, the Echo Dot has 70% better audio quality and an improved design. You can pair two of them together for stereo sound, or connect the speaker via Bluetooth (or 3.5mm cable) directly to another speaker if you prefer. With the Echo Dot, you can control your smart thermostat, smart plugs, and other smart home gear, as well as have measurements converted, find out the local weather, and more. It plays music. It answers your burning questions, like "How far away is the moon?" (238,900 miles) or "Alexa, what's your favorite place?" (in the cloud, of course.) The Echo Dot is a handy helper for any home.

The new addition of an LED clock just makes it that much better. Place it on your nightstand to see the time without asking or checking your phone, or pop it on your kitchen counter to see your cooking timers at a glance. The LED display can also show you the current temperature. You can even ask Alexa to set an alarm and tap the top of the device to snooze it, which is way better than groggily asking her to shut the alarm off in the mornings. The speaker has a built-in sensor to automatically adjust the display brightness as well. Time is ticking on this discount!

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