Amazon releases a (RED) Echo to help fight AIDS

The second-generation Amazon Echo speaker was released earlier this year with an updated fabric design, featuring different color options than the original Echo.

As CNET reports, Amazon is releasing a red variant of the smart speaker in order to help raise money for AIDS research.

Amazon has recently partnered with (RED) on a number of products and is pledging portions of sales toward (RED)'s fight against AIDS. Amazon will give $10 for ever red Echo sold between now and December 31, 2017. Bank of America will also give 30 cents for every dollar spent on Amazon's (RED) product line during the same period, up to $1.5 million (U.S. sales only).

You can preorder the red Echo now and it's the same price as its charcoal, gray, and sandstone line mates, at $99. The red Echo will be released on December 6, but all proceeds starting now are considered for Amazon's donation.

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Mick Symons
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