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Amazon expanding their Android Appstore to 200 new countries

Amazon has today released news that their Android Appstore will be rolled out to 200 new countries around the world. Currently limited to the U.S, some countries in Europe and Japan, the new list sees markets such as Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Korea and South Africa added for the first time. Even the Vatican City is included. So, even the Pope can get himself a free app every day courtesy of Amazon. 

The Appstore itself will launch in the "coming months," although developers can begin submitting applications from today. So, does this mean that the Kindle Fire hardware will follow? Possibly. It happened in Europe and Japan, and it's not at all unreasonable to think that Amazon would launch their own hardware to take full advantage of having their Appstore in so many global markets. 

Source: Amazon

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  • An App store that forces you to disable your devices security is an EPIC FAIL. I would never touch Amazon app store for this reason alone. (that and of course all the out dated apps, and the fact they rip off developers by offering developers paid apps for free, meaning the developers get nothing). Amazon app store is a dead eco-system.
  • can you tell me what is that security your talking about ? for ripping off developers your totally wrong on that so please dont comment if you dont know about it developers get the same amount or lesser from amazon itself even if the app is downloaded for free if only that app is paid app in google play
  • If you're referring to the fact you have to allow your device to install non-Play Store apps, it's a necessity. Amazon doesn't have their Appstore for download in the Play Store, just like they're not forcing anyone to use it.  It is however important for them if they wish to expand their product portfolio around the world, and for the people who would like to buy their hardware.
  • No offense, but this comment makes you sound dumb on many different levels.
    For once, it can be safe and encouraged to download third party apps. This is a principle android was built on.
    Second, developers do make it in the app store. It may affect some of their profit ratios, but most are not public companies and don't focus on that as much. Amazon creates a market for a software which cost is far less after it was initially developed for the play store.
    Perhaps the Amazon Appstore is a dead store living inside android's ecosystem, but it makes android stronger. Their apps may be outdated but that's not always a bad thing. When Pinterest decided to add "Pin It" to every pin, I was ok cause I knew where to find me a trusted app that works, at the Amazon Appstore.
    And last, there is no way your phone is going to install a third party app on its own and get you viruses. You are not gonna just save a picture (that you are sure is not an app) from the browser and end up with malware.
  • When they offer paid apps for free, that is something that the developers have to opt into. Amazon doesn't just arbitrarily decide to offer a given app for free for a day. Developers specifically allow it for the purpose of gaining exposure. Whether or not it works out well for the developers is a matter of debate, but it is only done with the developers' consent.
  • I'm glad this is finally coming to Canada!
  • Wait, 200? The best count for total # of countries in the world is between 191 and 196 depending. I know Amazon is big, but I doubt they are going off planet or countries under the sea.
  • Meh, I will never use amazon
  • I don't use Amazon as my primary app store, but I have it around for the free app of the day. I've gotten some neat stuff that I use a lot but that I probably would never have paid for initially.