The Best Choice

Echo Show 5

Lesser Option

Echo Spot

It doesn't take up a lot of space as the 5.5-inch screen is roughly the size of an average smartphone. You can feel better about placing it on your nightstand since it has a built-in camera cover that slides over the lens. Use this device to surf the internet, make video calls, check the news, listen to music, control your smart home, and interact with hundreds of Alexa-enabled skills.

$80 at Amazon


  • Inexpensive
  • Camera cover for privacy
  • Can turn off microphone


  • Screen has low resolution
  • Camera isn't very powerful

The Echo Spot was once a great device, and still is in many ways. The small size and shape make it easy to fit on many surfaces, and it features a front-facing camera, physical volume controls, a microphone, and built-in speakers. Amazon is no longer selling this device new, but you can still pick one up at Best Buy or on the reseller market.

$130 at Best Buy


  • Works with Alexa
  • Compact shape
  • Good video quality


  • No longer available directly from Amazon
  • Expensive
  • Weird screen shape
  • No built-in camera cover
  • Less powerful speaker

While both displays offer the same abilities and features, the Echo Show 5 is hands down the better option. It's the most affordable screened Echo device, it has a larger screen and a better speaker than the Echo Spot, and it includes a camera cover to protect you from spying eyes. The Echo Spot isn't a bad display by any means, but it doesn't measure up to its newest Amazon sibling. If you have an Echo Spot, you should definitely consider upgrading to the newer device.

The differences

Amazon Echo Show 5 official lifestyle 1Source: Amazon

In addition to costing $50 less than the Echo Spot, the Echo Show 5 is cheaper than all of the other home displays currently on the market, including the Nest Hub. Specifically comparing it to the Echo Spot, the screen is three inches larger and looks like a traditional smartphone screen, rather than a circle. Technically, the resolution for both devices is the same, but the larger screen on the Echo Show 5 is more conducive to streaming shows since it doesn't clip the sides of the video. We would have preferred that the resolution was a bit higher on this device, but it's good enough for the small screen.

Echo Show 5 Echo Spot
Price $80 $130
Screen 5.5 inches 2.5 inches
Screen Shape Rectangular Circular
Resolution 960 x 480 pixels 480 x 480 pixels
Speaker 4-Watt 2-Watt
Camera 1MP VGA (640 x 480 pixels)
Unit Size 5.8 x 3.4 x 2.9 inches 4.1 x 3.2 x 3.8 inches
Built-in Camera Cover
Video Calls
Video and Music Streaming
Alexa Built-in

Both Alexa smart speakers were designed for bedside tables. By going into Alexa settings, you can turn off the camera and microphone on either device. However, the Echo Show 5 ensures you get a little more privacy since it features a built-in cover that slides over the camera lens. It's something you definitely want if you plan to put an Alexa display in your bedroom.

Echo Show 5Source: Android Central

The Echo Show 5 has a 1-megapixel camera, which on its own isn't that great compared to the average smartphone. However, it's roughly three times better than the camera in the Echo Spot. Just make sure to place the Echo Show 5 in a room that has plenty of light when using the video call features and you should be fine.

As far as speakers go, both devices only have one. The speaker in the Echo Show 5 is twice as powerful as the Echo Spot's. This enhances your video watching and music playing experiences. If the sound is too loud or too quiet, make adjustments using the physical volume buttons. This device comes in two colors: a dark charcoal or a light sandstone.

Taking up space

The compact Echo Show 5 display is perfect for your bedside table or anywhere else in your home. It features a better camera, speaker, and higher resolution than the Echo Spot. The screen is three-inches larger, and the price-point is $50 cheaper than the Spot. If you're looking for an inexpensive Alexa display, the Echo Show 5 is the one to get.

The Echo Spot takes up about as much space as a softball. Its compact design makes it perfect for any counter, bedside table, or desk. The screen is only 2.5 inches, which is three inches smaller than the Echo Show 5. Additionally, the strange circular shape of the screen makes it, so the sides of videos get clipped. This can really mess with your viewing experience.

Echo Spot official lifestyle 1Source: Amazon

The camera for this round display is only 640 x 450 pixels. That's a little more than three times smaller than what you get with the Echo Spot. This means that people you have video calls with don't see as good of an image. Still, video calls on this device work well enough as long as you use it in a well-lit room. The speakers are half as powerful as the ones found in the Echo Show 5, so the listening experience isn't as enjoyable. You can change the volume of your music by press the physical buttons on the device.

If you're concerned about privacy, the lack of a built-in camera cover might bother you, specially if you're planning to put this device in your bedroom. You can still go into the Alexa app and turn off the camera and microphone, but we like the added measure of safety the Echo Show 5's cover brings.

The Echo Spot was a really good device for its time, but its newer, less-expensive Alexa relative is better. The Echo Spot's speaker and camera are both less powerful while the screen's weird shape and smaller size clips the sides of videos. Since the Echo Show 5 has all of the feature advantages we mentioned, it's clear that if you have an Echo Spot it's worth upgrading.

Echo Spot official lifestyle 2Source: Amazon

In the end

Both the Echo Show 5 and the Echo Spot are decent devices. The Echo Spot had its time as the best compact Alexa display, but now that honor has been passed to the Echo Show 5. It has a more substantial, traditionally-shaped screen, more powerful speakers, and a better camera while still being the most affordable Echo device with a screen. If you're trying to decide between the two devices (and you can actually find an Echo Spot), then you really should go with the newer one. If you already have an Echo Spot, we think it's worth it to upgrade to the Echo Show 5.

The Best Choice

Echo Show 5

The best value Alexa display for your home

This is the least expensive Alexa display currently on the market. Use it to play podcasts, check the news, stream videos, or control your Alexa-enabled smart home devices. The front-facing camera and mic can be turned off. As an extra measure of privacy, you can also slide a cover over the camera lens.

Lesser Option

Echo Spot

A smart alarm clock compatible with Alexa

This compact display allows you to make video calls, listen to audiobooks, watch videos, and much more. It's roughly the size of a softball and doesn't take up a lot of room on your nightstand or end table. However, it's too expensive and unavailable to be an option.

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