How to catch all 100 Bugsnax

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You'll encounter 12 different Bugsnax in Simmering Springs. Here's where you'll find them along with the tricks to catching them.

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NameLocation & Active timesHow to catch
Kweeble○ Near bushes.○ 24 hoursLoves: Chocolate○ Lay down your Snak Trap and shoot it with chocolate. Close the trap when the Kweeble is in range.
Crapple○ Moving around near the water.○ 24 hoursLoves: Chocolate, Peanut Butter○ Lay down your Snak Trap and shoot it with chocolate. Quickly close the trap as soon as the Crapple is in range or it will steal your trap.
Pineantula○ Burrowed in the sand near the water○ 24 hoursFears: Crapple○ Lay a Snak Trap down in front of the Crapple's lair. Now shoot the Pineantula's crown with Chocolate. Crapple will dig it up and head for its cave. Close the trap when in range and you'll capture both of them.
Orange Peelbug○ Hiding in logs○ 24 hoursLoves: Chocolate○ Coat your Buggy Ball with Chocolate and send it into the log. Lay a Snak Trap on the other side of the log and hit it with Chocolate. Close the trap when the Orange Peelbug is in range.
Razzby○ Near the bushes on the beach.○ 24 hoursLoves: Chocolate○ Lay a Snak Trap and wait for them to walk into it. For faster results, douse the trap in chocolate.
Green Grapeskeeto○ Flying over the Razzbys on the beach.○ 4PM - 4AMLoves: Chocolate○ Douse a Razzby with chocolate. After the Green Grapeskeeto has sucked from the Razzby it will be immobile for a while. Run and pick it up with your net.
Snaquiri○ In the geyser and in the ocean○ 24 hours○ Set your Trip Shot over the geyser. When Snaquiri is stunned pick it up with your net. Alternatively, place your Snak Trap on the launchpad and close the trap on the Snaquiri while it's in the air.
Tropicabug○ Near bushes○ 24 hoursLoves: Chocolate○ Fears: Bunger○ Take a picture of it so you can see its walking path. Without letting it see you, place the trap on the path, and move away. Close the trap when it gets close.
Lovely Sweetiefly○ Near path to Snaxburg.○ 4 a.m. - 4 p.m.○ Place the Snak Trap where Lovely Sweetiefly rests then move away. Close the trap when the Lovely Sweetiefly is in range.
Baja Tacroach○ Where Wiiggle was living○ 6 p.m.- 4 a.m.Loves: Cheese, Hot Sauce○ Lay the Snak Trap in the area where they spawn. They're skittish so step away and block the exit. Close the trap when they're in range.
Waffstackarak○ On the beach○ 4 a.m. - 11 a.m.Loves: Chocolate○ Fears: Crapple○ Ring the triangle at Wiggle's beach location during their active hours and they will appear. Lay a trap near the Crapple's home. Douse the Waffstackarack with chocolate when they aren't making a whirlwind. Crapple will be drawn to them and will carry them away. Close the trap on both when in range.
Grumpy Snakpod○ Clinging to trees and rocks○ 24 hours○ The easiest one is on a tree to your left when you first enter Simmering Sands. Jump up and snag it with your net.
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