How to catch all 100 Bugsnax

Bugsnax Sugarpine Woods

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Sugarpine Woods is home to 10 different species of Bugsnax. Here's the trick to getting each one of them.

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NameLocation & Active timesHow to catch
Kwookie○ Running around the entire area○ 24 hoursLoves: Peanut butter○ Note where his path takes him and lay a Trip Shot wire across it. When he's stunned, grab him with the Bug Net.
Charmallow○ Flying around○ 4 p.m. - 4 a.m.Loves: Chocolate, Peanut butter○ Set a Trip Shot wire in its flying path so that it either falls in the pond or in the Bopsicle's path. When it's no longer on fire, pick it up with the Bug Net.
Cinnasnail○ Distant rocks○ 24 hoursLoves: Chocolate○ Set a Trip Shot wire in its path. When it's stunned, grab it with the Snak Grappler.
Hunnabee○ Flying around near the entrance.○ 24 hours○ When you're near to them, put the Launchpad on the ground. Now place your Snak Trap on the Launchpad. Shoot the Snak Pak into the air and catch them.
Sprinklepede○ Clinging to the ranger tower.○ 24 hoursLoves: Chocolate, Peanut butter○ Hit it with Chocolate and it will start rolling all over the place. Note where it path goes and place a Trip Shot wire over it. Pick it up while it's stunned.
Yellow Peelbug○ Holes in the wall.○ 24 hoursLoves: Chocolate○ Cover your Buggy Ball with Chocolate and send it into the tunnel. Run to the other side of the tunnel and set a Snak Trap coated with Chocolate. Catch the Yellow Peelbug when it gets close.
Big Bopsicle○ Straight and to the left when you come from Snaxburg.○ 24 hoursHates: Charmallow○ Set a Trip Shot wire between the trees near the pond. Now get the Big Bopsicle to follow you into the water. A countdown will appear over its head. Get it to walk into the Trip Shot wire before time runs out. Now catch it in your Snak Trap.
Bopsicle○ Straight and to the left of when you come in from Snaxburg○ 24 hoursFears: Charmallow○ Go to the Big Bopsicle that has a Charmallow flying over it from 4 p.m. - 4 a.m. Now shoot Chocolate at the Big Bopsicle. The Charmallow will melt it. Wait for the timer to count down and then catch one of the two halves.
Rainbow Sweetiefly○ Near Chandlo's basketball hoops.○ 4 a.m. - 4 p.m.○ Shoot the Trip Shot Wire to where it rests. While it's stunned, jump over the fence and grab it with the Bug Net.
Nutty Snakpod○ Hiding against rocks.○ 24 hours○ The easiest one is clinging to Snorpy's chimney. Grab it with the Snak Grappler.
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