How to catch all 100 Bugsnax

Bugsnax Garden Grove

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There are nine Bugsnax to catch in Garden Grove. Here's how to add them to your Bugapedia.

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NameLocation & Active timesHow to catch
Bunger○ Under the bridge.○ 24 hoursLoves: Ketchup○ Lead it to another Bunger using Ketchup. Douse one of the Bungers in Ketchup and then pick it up with your net when it gets stunned.
Fryder○ On the cave ceiling.○ 24 hoursLoves: Ketchup, Cheese, Ranch Dressing○ Create a trail of Ketchup, Ranch Dressing, or Cheese that goes straight for a trap.
Shishkabug○ Crawling around near the bridge.○ 24 hoursLoves: Hot Sauce○ Fears: Bungers○ Douse the bush it's hiding in with Ketchup. A Bunger will charge the bush and stun it.
Sweetiefly○ Around trees○ 4 a.m. - 4 p.m. when dry○ Figure out where the Sweetiefly rests. Now set your Trip Shot so that Sweetiefly will run into it. Pick it up with your net when it's stunned.
White Strabby○ In the garden○ 24 hoursLoves: Chocolate○ Put down a trap and shoot it with chocolate. When the White Strabby is in range, close the trap.
Dr Sodie○ In the river○ 24 hoursHates: Hot Sauce, Ketchup, Chocolate, Ranch Dressing○ Lay a Trip Shot line across the river between two trees. Then pick up the Dr Sodie with your net when it's stunned.
Weenyworm○ Circling the animal pen.○ 24 hoursLoves: Ketchup, Cheese○ Lay a trap and wait for it to come around. Close the trap when it's in position.
Cobhopper○ Jumps from treetop to treetop○ 24 hours○ Set up the Trip Shot from the fence to the rocks between the two trees at the top of the cliff. When the Cobhopper gets stunned, pick it up with a net.
Crispy Snakpod○ Clinging to shaded rocks○ 24 hours○ The easiest one is in Beffica's cave. Go up to it and grab it with your net.
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