How to catch all 100 Bugsnax

Bugsnax Sizzlin' Sands

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You're going to have to work extra hard to get all 15 Bugsnax in Sizzlin' Sands. Here's how to catch all of them, even that elusive Mothza Supreme.

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NameLocation & Active timesHow to catch
Tacroach○ Near the pond○ 24 hoursLoves: Cheese, Hot Sauce○ Lay a Snak Trap and cover it in Cheese or Hot Sauce. Close the trap when it's in range.
Preying Picantis○ Raised platforms.○ 24 hoursLoves: Hot Sauce, Cheese○ Hates: Spuddy○ Shoot a Trip Shot wire between two trees near the pond. Now get the Preying Picantis to follow you or a trail of its favorite sauce into the water. A timer will start counting down once it's wet. Now trick it into walking into the Trip Shot wire. While it's stunned grab it.
Black Lollive○ Flying near the pond○ 24 hoursLoves: Cheese○ Shoot a Trip Shot wire between the trees around the pond and in Black Lollive's path. Pick it up with the Bug Net when it's stunned.
Loaded Spuddy○ Near dunes.○ 24 hoursLoves: Cheese, Ketchup○ Hates: Preying Picantis○ Fears: Loaded Spuddy○ Lure two Loaded Spuddys near each other and douse them with Cheese or Ketchup. Pick them while they're stunned.
Buffalocust○ Left of the pyramid.○ 24 hoursLoves: Ranch Dressing, Hot Sauce○ Lay a trail of Ranch Dressing or Hot Sauce towards the pond. The Sodie D in the pond will get upset and will throw water on the sauces, if Buffalocust gets hit with water, it will be stunned. Pick it up with the Bug Net.
Eggler○ Hiding in eggs○ 24 hoursLoves: Hot Sauce○ Pick up the egg and either throw it at a Preying Picantis or douse it with Buffalocust or Scorpepper's favorite sauces. This will break the egg open and reveal Eggler. Egglers are very shy. Set a trap and douse it with Hot Sauce. When the Eggler is in range, close the trap.
Flapjackarak○ Circling the desert floor○ 5AM - 6PMLoves: Chocolate, Peanut butter○ Hates: Loaded Spuddy○ Fears: Preying Picantis○ Douse it with Cheese or Ketchup. When a Loaded Spuddy gets close it will attack the Flapjackarak. Catch it while it's stunned.
Scorpepper○ Near the Cheese plants.○ 24 hoursLoves: Cheese○ Hates: Hot Sauce○ Lure it to the pond with a trail of cheese. It will get stunned when wet. Pick it up before it recovers.
Incherrito○ Underground near the Cheese plants.○ 24 hoursLoves: Cheese, Hot Sauce○ There are some rocks on the desert sand. Douse a rock with Cheese or Hot Sauce. When the Incherrito goes for it, approach and it will attempt to burrow underground but instead will hurt itself. Pick it up while it's stunned.
Black Razzby○ Underground ruins○ 24 hoursLoves: Chocolate○ Shoot Ranch Dressing at the hole in the ground between the pyramid and the Buffalocust. The Buffalocust will divebomb the area so you can go underground. Lure the Black Razzby into a Chocolate-covered Snak Trap.
Sodie D○ Pond○ 24 hoursHates: Fire, Hot Sauce, Ranch Dressing, Cheese○ Shoot the Trip Shot from the base of one tree to the other. When it's stunned pick it up.
Cheezer○ Running around the entire area○ 24 hoursLoves: Cheese○ Note where his path takes him and lay a Trip Shot wire across it. When he's stunned, grab him with the Bug Net.
Meaty Snakpod○ Clinging to rocks.○ 24 hours○ The easiest one is on one of the pillars facing the pyramid. Grab it with your Snak Grappler.
Bombino○ Ancient chest near pyramid○ Special questLoves: Cheese, Hot Sauce○ Unlocks with Cromdo sidequest○ If it's on fire, lure it to the pond and get the Sodie D to douse it with water. Then go up to it and catch it.
Mothza Supreme○ Flying around the whole area○ Special questLoves: Cheese, Ranch Dressing○ Unlocks with Cromdo sidequest○ Place your Launchpad on the altar on top of the pyramid. Now grab a Bombino that isn't on fire and put it on the Launchpad. Hurl it at Mothza Supreme while it's flying in front of one of the statues. While it's down, run to the statue and hit the button on the side with the Snak Grappler to hurt it. Repeat two more times to defeat it. Then simply go up to it and grab it.
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