Alcatel OneTouch officially announces the Pixi 4 family, consisting of 3 phones and a tablet

As expected, Alcatel OneTouch has officially announced its new Pixi 4 family of devices at CES 2016, which consists of three smartphones and a tablet. This revamped lineup from Alcatel OneTouch is meant to be a premium style entry-level device, meaning you won't find top of the line specs, but you'll find great value in each of these devices. Combining a comprehensive user experience in design, audio, battery life and with the camera, the Pixi 4 line makes a pretty good complete package.

On the phone front, you'll have your choice between three different size displays, which include 3.5, 4 and 6-inches, and the tablet will come in a single 7-inch variety. Internally, the 3.5-inch phone will have lower specs, though the exact specs are not yet available. The other phones, along with the tablet will feature a powerful quad-core processor, and with the included power-saving features, you are looking at 25 percent longer battery life. On the tablet and all of the phone models, you can expect a louder and cleaner sound from all of your apps, videos and music playback.

At this time, Alcatel OneTouch has yet to announce official pricing or availability on the Pixi 4 family of devices.

Press release:

ALCATEL ONETOUCH Launches the New PIXI 4 Family:

A Line of Premium Entry-Level Devices

CES, LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2016 – ALCATEL ONETOUCH announces a brand-new PIXI experience: the PIXI 4 family offers premium entry-level smartphones and tablets with a comprehensive user experience in design, audio, camera and battery life.

"Compared with other smart devices in the same segment, the PIXI 4 family offers an unprecedented user experience thanks to features like Arkamys optimized speakers and Polaroid filters," said Dan Dery, Chief Marketing Officer at ALCATEL ONETOUCH.

Seductive Design - With its compact form, the PIXI 4 family is among the slimmest models in the entry-level segment. It comes in a rainbow of colors, from cool, metallic silver to eye-popping, candy-colored brights.

Loud and Clear - Sound is louder and clearer on all apps, music and video players, and streamed content thanks to Arkamys optimized speakers. And when it comes to the hardware, the quad-core CPU (available on the 4-inch smartphone, 6-inch phablet and 7-inch tablet) allows users to open multiple apps instantly and makes browsing a breeze.

The XL Experience - The large displays of the phablet and tablet are perfect for viewing multiple windows. The spacious display of the PIXI 4 6-inch phablet is nonetheless easy to manage with one hand thanks to its dedicated software. In addition, commands are activated with just a touch of a finger, such as double-tapping to switch the phablet on.

Compared to the previous generation, the PIXI 4 7-inch tablet is even more compact and thin. It runs on powerful chipsets with a new IP52 feature (splash and dustproof); it is also voice-call-enabled. The pre-loaded HERE MAPS application is perfect for travelers and can be used anywhere to browse maps, even offline.

And Smart Too - What's the use of having all these features if the device is out of power? The PIXI 4 family has thought of that too. With smart power-saving functions, it offers up to 25 percent longer browsing.

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