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AKKO Insurance
AKKO Insurance (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

With how pricey smartphones are becoming lately, it might not be the best idea to rely on a $10 case to protect your device anymore. Repairing a cracked screen or a waterlogged device can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars, and it certainly doesn't help that phones are much easier to break accidentally these days. Luckily, AKKO can help.

AKKO is one of the best phone insurance providers out there right now, and thanks to a special deal for Android Central readers, you can score your first month of device protection absolutely free. Simply use promo code ACSAVES during checkout to snag the discount on an annual or monthly protection plan. AKKO's phone insurance plans cost between $6 and $12 per month depending on your device, though you can bring the price a bit lower by choosing an annual, family, or student plan instead.

With an AKKO protection plan, you won't have to worry about costly repairs arising due to a cracked screen, spills or liquid submersion, battery breakdown, natural disasters, accidental drops, or other damage. If there's ever an issue, you can have your device repaired locally and only pay between $29 and $99 every single time your phone is in need of a fix. Your device will even be covered against theft, including from car break-ins, and vandalism. Along with no hidden monthly fees, AKKO allows for unlimited claims with zero rate increases and fast electronic payment once your claim is approved.

A second plan at AKKO priced at $15 per month protects not only your phone but 25 other items as well — from TVs and tablets to sports equipment, clothing, cameras, school supplies, and much more. Though AKKO has a slightly higher monthly cost than popular insurance provider SquareTrade, it does make up for it with unbeatable coverage terms. Where SquareTrade has a $149 deductible that must be paid no matter what kind of repair your phone needs, AKKO has a low deductible starting at just $29 and maxing out at $99. Plus, SquareTrade doesn't cover theft while AKKO does.

Don't just take our word for it. Give AKKO a try yourself and get your first month of device protection for free with promo code ACSAVES today.

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