AirSelfie has three new pocket-sized drones soaring out this year

AirSelfie just announced three new products you can look forward to this year. The creations unveiled at CES include the AIR 100, AIR Zen, and AIR Duo aerial cameras.

AirSelfie is known for making easy-to-use, hands-free pocket drones that can shoot HD photographs and videos. Coming this year, aside from the devices themselves, users will be able to access an app that lets them capture, edit, view, and share the content captured by their AirSelfie aerial camera.

So what are the three goodies the brand unveiled at CES?

The AIR 100 is the most affordable and intuitive option. It'll sell for $99.95, making it fit within most budgets, and it'll work great for anyone ages 10 and up. The mini drone comes packed with a 12MP camera, HD video, and 6-minute flight time between charges.

For something a bit more robust, turn to the AIR Zen. It features autonomous flight, a 13MP 120-degree camera, and 4K video capturing capabilities. It doesn't need to connect to a smartphone, either, and you can safely use it outdoors thanks to the built-in water resistance. It costs $140, making it just a bit pricier than the base Air 100.

Finally, we come to the Air Duo. This sweet little gadget is the first mini aerial camera on the market that features dual lenses. The front-facing 12MP camera and wide-angle 110-degree 12MP zenith camera will capture spectacular shots during its 7-minute flight time. It will retail for $229.95.

AirSelfie cameras have all sorts of fun uses. From snapping cinematic videos of your next gathering, to taking group photos with zero hassle, to getting your own "candids" with all the right angles, these miniscule gadgets pack a powerful punch. Do you think you'll be picking one up when they're available later this year? Sound off below or let us know on Twitter! Be sure to head here for the rest of our CES coverage.

Louryn Strampe

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