Acer Might Have a Smartphone Out By 2009, 2010 More Likely

We've forgotten a lot about the rumored Acer Android smartphone largely in part of the barrage of other Android phones receiving official announcements. But no more! Acer wants to be recognized for its smartphone (and potentially Android) interests as well because after word hit that an Acer smartphone wont hit in '09, Acer officials contacted many sources saying:

There still is a potential for an Acer smartphone to make an appearance in the U.S. Specifically, a Q4 2009 launch is still possible.

Hooray? Well, since we don't know if this first Acer phone will be Android-powered we won't celebrate yet. But we're hoping Acer offers a different experience than the much anticipated HTC Magic and Samsung I7500.

Yeah, we're no longer begging for Android smartphones, we're choosing.

[via engadget]

Casey Chan