Teardown of Tesla's wireless charger reveals how it achieves what Apple couldn't

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform charging two smartphones
(Image credit: Tesla)

What you need to know

  • JerryRigEverything conducts a teardown of Tesla's Wireless Charging Platform.
  • Removing the soft front plate reveals an eye-popping array of 30 copper coils for delivering power to your device wirelessly.
  • While the charging brick outputs 65W, only 15W is coming to your device.
  • The Tesla Wireless Charging Platform costs $300.

Wireless chargers can save us from wrestling with cords, allowing us to toss our phones atop them and keep going about our day. Tesla's new Wireless Charging Platform, brought to life by FreePower technology, was given the good ole teardown treatment by JerryRigEverything. You might've started cringing from the imagination of him scrapping metal with a box cutter... and you'd be right to do so.

Tesla's latest wireless charger is nestled within an angled metal frame, and the portion you'd rest your devices on is soft to avoid any unwanted damage. The plastic charging brick can output 65W of charging power. However, Tesla's product doesn't provide that much power to an individual device, even though some of the best Android phones support such speeds.

Instead, the Wireless Charging Platform provides 15W of fast charging to each device (up to three) simultaneously.

As the front platform comes off, viewers are exposed to the wireless charger's array of copper coils which looks like popping the top off your favorite dessert. JerryRigEverything notes 30 copper coils in the teardown, which all serve to acknowledge where a device is located on the outside and which coil should deliver the power.

Additionally, multiple of these copper discs can activate as a team effort to create the induction field that the coil on your phone or earbuds can use to gain power from.

Removing the plate of copper coils shows how the Wireless Charging Platform does away with the heat the circuits conduct during charging.

You can watch JerryRigEverything's entire video, where he gets into a little more detail about why it feels like Tesla's $300 wireless charger did what Apple couldn't with its failed AirPower product.

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