Smarten up your dumb home with Samsung SmartThings at half the price

Samsung SmartThings Station
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Samsung's SmartThings Station is a clever little smart home hub. Not only can you manage all your smart home devices from one place, but the square-shaped hub also acts as a wireless charging pad! That's a genius use of flat space on Samsung's part, allowing you to top up phones and accessories at 15W wirelessly. The pad also supports the Samsung Super Fast Wireless Charging profile.

While the handy Samsung SmartThings Station usually goes for around $75 to $80, you can earn some major savings this Prime Big Deal Days. Amazon has had its way with the price tag, chopping it down by a hefty 44%. This deal gives you the SmartThings Station along with a 1.8m USB C-to-C cable in the box for a measly $44.99.

The Samsung SmartThings Station is nearly half off with this deal

Samsung SmartThings Station

Samsung SmartThings Station

Adding a smart home hub makes it super easy to manage all your smart home tech from one place. If you're heavily vested in the Samsung ecosystem or use a Samsung Galaxy phone, you'll enjoy access to bonus features. The cherry on top is the 15W wireless charging pad built into the hub. For almost half of its retail price, this Prime Big Deal Days offer is a bargain!

Buy from: Amazon at $79.99 $44.49

The Samsung SmartThings Station has a physical button on top that can be customized. You can assign any automation to the short press, long press, and double click actions. There are loads of cool features for users to take advantage of, especially Samsung users who have a lot of phones, tablets, accessories, and smart home devices from the brand.

Adding your favorite smart home devices to the SmartThings Station doesn't add much to the setup process of the device. Samsung also integrated its device location feature into the hub, enabling users to locate their Samsung Galaxy phones, tablets, wireless earbuds, SmartTags, and more with the click of a button.

While this deal may not last forever, it's worth noting that Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days sale has kicked off! Check out all the best Samsung deals available now to see how you can save on a sweet new Samsung device.

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