The Nest Hub (2nd Gen) is finally being updated to Fuchsia

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What you need to know

  • The Nest Hub (second-gen) is reportedly getting the Fuchsia OS update.
  • It makes the third Nest Hub device to get the latest operating system.
  • As seen in previous releases, there are likely no functionality changes on the Nest Hub.

Google started releasing its in-house developed Fuchsia OS to the public through its Nest Hub devices, the first being the first-gen Nest Hub in 2021. Moreover, the Nest Hub Max was the second to get the Fuchsia OS update last year. The second-gen Nest Hub is reportedly the third one to get the update.

The search giant has told 9to5Google that it is rolling out the Fuchsia OS-based update to Nest Hub second-gen, which launched in 2021. The update will apparently roll out slowly across users, first reaching Nest Hub consumers who have previously enrolled for Preview Program updates via the Google Home app before rolling out to more users.

While it is a new homegrown operating system coming to Google's smart display, it will not radically change any functionality on the device, similar to the previous releases on the first Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max devices.

About the Fuchsia OS rollout to Nest Hub devices, Google stated earlier that "there is no impact on the user experience, and the update will come as a standard device update. There is also no impact for developers targeting Nest Hub devices." 

Nest Hub Max

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Nest Hub users who are wondering whether they have been upgraded from Cast OS to Fuchsia OS have to navigate through the settings to check the version number either on the smart display or via the paired Google Home app. On the display, navigate to Settings > Device information > Technical information, where you should find the "Fuchsia version" number indicating the smart display has been updated to the new operating system.

The new update signifies Google's ongoing support for Nest Hub devices, despite recently killing support for third-party smart displays. The move was made just ahead of the Pixel Tablet launch, which is seemingly positioned as a tablet and smart home device thanks to its dock. Still, it's a bit unclear where Google's smart home allegiances lie, so hopefully we hear more about the company's plans at Google I/O 2023.

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