My favorite smart lock is on sale for Black Friday and it's only $179

Yale Assure smart lock
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A while back I got tired of locking myself out of the house and decided to get a smart lock for my back door. I settled on the Yale Lever Lock because there isn't a deadbolt back there, and it worked so well that I decided the front door needed the same treatment.

I ordered this Yale Assure Lock because the front door did have a hole for the deadbolt, and I liked the experience I got from Yale. It was one of the best purchases I've made over $200. Nobody in the family gets locked out, I can leave the keys in the car if I need to run back into the house for something, and I can give a code to anyone I want to pop in because my plants need to be watered or I left the gas on.

Now for the great news — you don't have to spend over $200 like I did, because my favorite smart lock is on sale for Black Friday at Amazon for just $179.

Yale Security Assure Lock 2 with Wi-Fi:$239.99$178.99 at Amazon

Yale Security Assure Lock 2 with Wi-Fi: $239.99 $178.99 at Amazon

You'll never need to hide the key under the doormat again. This smart lock from Yale gives you complete key-free access via the keypad, the app, your voice, or even automatically through the app. My family loves having it because it's one of those things you use and appreciate every day.

I bought the model with a slot for the key as a backup, but if you want to be even more secure the models without it are on sale, too. 

Either way, you'll be able to get into your house without worries. You can enter the code you've programmed on the keypad, or you can use the Yale Access app. Even cooler, you can use your voice assistant and say Hey Google or Alexa and tell it to open the door which is fun for the first 100 times or so. 

For the adventurous type, you can even use the Yale app to automatically open the door when you get home, then tap a button to lock it behind you as soon as you get inside.

I'll be honest, setting things up through the app isn't great. It's simple to do and easy to understand, but it has a lot of scrolling through and watching videos and you need to set aside an hour or so after you've installed it. Thankfully installation is pretty easy even though you would think it was the hard part.

If you're thinking about getting a smart lock for your home or a rental property, I really recommend this one. To me, it's worth it at full price, so seeing it on sale makes it an easy buy.

Jerry Hildenbrand
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