Blanket your house with Wi-Fi and your wallet with savings with a Prime Day deal on Google Nest WiFi Pro

Taking a look at the Google Nest WiFi Pro at the Google Fall 2022 event
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Start your Prime Day savings with a great deal on one of the best mesh Wi-Fi setups. Amazon has two great deals on Google Nest WiFi Pro systems that save you as much as 27%.

There are plenty of good reasons why you would want a mesh Wi-Fi system, but the biggest pro to having one is having a Wi-Fi signal everywhere in and around your house. Google's Nest WiFi units are small, and the system is expandable, so you can add as many as you need for coverage everywhere.

Google Nest WiFi Pro 2-pack:$299.99$219.99 at Amazon

Google Nest WiFi Pro 2-pack: $299.99 $219.99 at Amazon

This two-piece Nest WiFi Pro bundle covers 4,400 square feet of your home with fast Wi-Fi. With easy setup and operation from the Google Home app, it's one of the best Wi-Fi 6E mesh systems you can buy.

Google Nest WiFi Pro 3-pack:$399.99$299.99 at  Amazon

Google Nest WiFi Pro 3-pack: $399.99 $299.99 at  Amazon.

For even more coverage, this three-piece Nest WiFi system covers a whopping 6,600 square feet of space with fast Wi-Fi 6e speeds. It's just as easy to maintain and set up using the Google Home app.

There are a lot of different companies making mesh Wi-Fi systems, and I've used many of them. I keep coming back to Google for a few reasons.

It's not the specs of the speeds — Nest WiFi Pro is not the fastest mesh system you can buy and is only suitable if your incoming internet speed is a Gigabit or less, but it offers tri-band AXE5400 connection speeds.

I use Nest WiFi because everything is easy, and I like things that are easy. Setting everything up is a breeze, and even with my strange configuration — I have a long run of Ethernet cable between two units for outdoor coverage in a big yard — it's literally plug-and-play.

If I need to check anything or adjust the settings, everything is right there through the Google Home app with the rest of my smart home gear. I'm not saying Nest WiFi Pro is the best system if you're lazy about tech like me, but I'm also not saying it isn't. 😉

Another reason I recommend Nest WiFi centers around data collection. Yes, Google does a lot of it, and having Google inside your Wi-Fi router probably makes collecting it even easier. But every company that makes "smart" Wi-Fi routers collects data, so instead of giving everything to yet another company, Google can have yet another avenue to harvest all the things it harvests anyway.

If you own or rent even a small home, you probably want a mesh Wi-Fi system, especially as devices move towards the Wi-Fi 6E standard and beyond. You just don't get the same range once to frequencies begin to climb. With this Prime Day deal, you can get a great system at a great price.

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