This is the only NAS hard drive you should buy during Prime Day

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Prime Day is a great time to buy storage products, and Western Digital is running fabulous offers on its NAS hard drives. The 8TB WD Red Plus is down to just $129, making it a fantastic choice considering the amount of storage on offer. 

If you're using a NAS server for Plex and need more storage, the 14TB Red Plus is just $209, making it the best value in WD's portfolio at the moment. At the other end of the scale, the 4TB Red Plus is available for $69, making it a great choice if you're just getting started with a NAS server. 

If you need the best that WD has to offer, the enthusiast Red Pro series is also on sale right now, with the 8TB Red Pro down to $179. The massive 20TB Red Pro drive is selling for $359 on Amazon, and that is a brilliant deal if you need a lot of storage in one drive. 

WD Red Plus NAS HDD: From $49 at Amazon

WD Red Plus NAS HDD: From $49 at Amazon

The Red Plus is WD's best NAS hard drive for home use. It is designed for 24/7 use and comes with vibration resistance, making it ideal to slot into a NAS server. It starts off at 1TB and goes up to 14TB. 

WD Red Pro NAS HDD: From $79 at Amazon

WD Red Pro NAS HDD: From $79 at Amazon

If you're looking for the best that WD has to offer, you should get the Red Pro. All of these drives spin at 7200rpm and come with a five-year warranty as standard — two more than the Red Plus. 

The key difference between the Red Plus and the costlier Red Pro drives is that the latter has a five-year warranty as standard. Red Plus drives come with a three-year warranty, and models under 8TB spin at 5400rpm. All drives in the Red Pro series go up to 7200rpm, but other than that, there isn't much in the way of difference. 

Having used both sets of drives for several years, I'd suggest going with the Red Pro if you're interested in picking up over 10TB of storage. The math works out in the long run, and the additional warranty makes a big difference. The 10TB Red Pro for $209 is a stellar deal at the moment as well, making it that much more enticing. 

If you're looking for a hard drive under 8TB, the Red Plus has a lot to offer. The 4TB Red Plus is just $69, and that is more than adequate for a first-time server. 

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