Samsung and Starbucks team up for Galaxy cases aimed at coffee lovers

Samsung and Starbucks collaborate on new cases
(Image credit: Starbucks Korea)

What you need to know

  • Samsung has launched a collection of Starbucks-themed accessories for Galaxy smartphones.
  • The new collaboration includes a coffee-mug-shaped case for the Galaxy Buds and different cases for the Galaxy S22 series.
  • The collaboration appears to be available in South Korea for a limited time.

Samsung is no stranger to strange collaborations, and its latest is no different. The company is launching a set of Starbucks cases for the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Buds, in case you really want to express your love for the coffee brand.

The collection includes specific cases for the Galaxy S22 series. The standard Galaxy S22, for example, gets a light green case with a Starbucks logo on the back. The Plus model, however, receives a darker green case with the words "Count stars in your Galaxy," a nod to Starbucks' rewards system. Finally, the Ultra model will come in two different designs and include straps, one that resembles a Starbucks receipt.

As for the Galaxy Buds, there's a simple dark green case with the Starbucks logo on top. More interestingly, there's also a case in the shape of a coffee mug complete with latte art, which will fit most of Samsung's best wireless earbuds.

The collaboration reminds us of the recent Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokémon Edition that Samsung launched in April, including a cool Pokéball-shaped grip and Pokédex phone holder. However, just like with that collaboration, if you're hoping to snag any of these snazzy Starbucks cases, you may be out of luck as these appear to only be available in South Korea. As someone who lives in Seattle — the city where Starbucks was born — I, for one, am quite disappointed.

Of course, if you happen to be in Korea, the items go on sale on Tuesday. Just make sure not to confuse your Galaxy Buds coffee mug case with your actual coffee mug.

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