You can now use AI to create your own Popsockets case, grip, or wallet

PopSockets Phone Grip with MagSafe Adapter Ring on a Google Pixel 6
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What you need to know

  • PopSockets has debuted a new AI customizer for consumers to create designs using their own imagination.
  • The customizer uses a "highly optimized version of Stable Diffusion XL" to do most of the heavy lifting.
  • Users can choose between a case, grip, or wallet to throw their own designs on, starting at $30.

PopSockets has brought a way for consumers to create their unique designs using generative AI.

As detailed on its initial teaser page, PopSockets is introducing its new AI customizer, which leverages generative AI technology for consumers (via The Verge). The accessory company told The Verge that its customizer piggybacks off a "highly optimized version of Stable Diffusion XL" to do all the heavy lifting.

Users can customize their unique Popsocket by going through a quick series of steps. To begin, interested parties can "imagine anything" by writing their own descriptors to serve as a prompt for the AI software to create. This is a form of text-to-image AI generation that is present on Google Search or the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for the next era of Android phones. The instructions state users can fully imagine a scene or a background for a follow-up photograph.

However, if that's too much of an ask, users can also select through a few pre-made style options.

Following this, consumers are met with the chance to upload a photo with a subject. This can be a pet, a person, or anything else. Remember that the imagined background in the first step will replace whatever the background of the image you uploaded.

Lastly, consumers will have the option to make any more finishing touches to their PopSocket before wrapping things up.

A few customization options users will find when creating their own PopSocket.

(Image credit: PopSockets)

Some finishing touches you can add include a sticker for the grip, which can involve pre-loaded sticker packs provided during customization. Consumers will also find the ability to add some text to their desired product. PopSockets lists several forms of inspiration users can grab and build upon if they don't feel like starting from zero.

The usage of generative AI for PopSockets is a building block on top of the ways the company previously allowed users to customize their own items. The AI customizer is available now, and consumers can choose between PopSocket items like a case, grip, or wallet. Each can be purchased for $50, $30, and $30, respectively.

On a related note, PopSockets is running a giveaway with a prize pool of $100,000. One Grand Prize winner will receive $50,000 and all it takes is for you to create your own design as you'll be entered automatically.

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