This magnetic car mount is everything I want from Qi2

iOttie Velox Mini Qi2 Air Vent Mount
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

When Qi2 was announced, I knew that wireless chargers were about to be fixed forever. The annoyance of trying to find the charging sweet spot would be solved, and faster 15W+ charging speeds would be enough to get me to use it more regularly.

While we're still waiting for Android phones to actually employ Qi2, there are plenty of ways to get the brilliance of Qi2 without having to buy a nonexistent phone. For this review, I used a CASETiFY Snappy Magnetic Ring on the back of a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, and it made my latest car trip so much better.

iOttie Velox Mini Qi2 Air Vent Mount with Galaxy Z Flip 4 mounted

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

The Qi2 version of the charger ships with a 20W car charging adapter and supports Qi2's 15W wireless charging standard. For my 20-hour-long road trip this past week, I never saw my Galaxy Z Flip 5 dip below 100% battery, even though it was navigating and playing music the whole time.

The phone attaches magnetically to the flat front and is secured incredibly well with the CASETiFY ring I had attached to the Z Flip's thin case. Just be sure you're using one of the best Galaxy Z Flip 5 cases — or any case for your phone of choice — to replicate my particular scenario. Most rings like this don't work on glass-back phones so the case is paramount to keeping it mounted.

The magnet was strong enough to keep the phone attached even with constant bumps on the highway, which was a concern of mine going into the review.

The mount itself slides onto the prongs of any AC vent, giving you freedom to mount it in several places in your car. It's also small enough to not take up the entire AC vent and restrict airflow, as would certainly be possible in my small Corolla.

The iOttie Velox Mini comes equipped with ventilation to prevent overheating while the unit is charging your phone in the sweltering dashboard heat, which is also kept at bay by the fact that it's in front of the AC vent, too.

Plus, the included charging cable is long enough so you can mount the Velox where you want it but not so long that it gets in the way or tangled around legs. You can replace the car charger itself with another USB-C car charger of your choice, but the cable itself doesn't detach from the Velox Mini. If I had any complaint at all about this product, it's that point.

I've been incredibly impressed with the mount and have to say it's everything I had hoped Qi2 would deliver in a car mount. It's dead easy to use, safely magnetically attaches, and charges at a fast speed without overheating, even in the heat of a car's dashboard.

If the cable was detachable, this would be a perfect product! Plus, it works with iPhones as well, so your whole car can charge without worrying about cables.

Nicholas Sutrich
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  • Daniel Gomes
    I agree that the magnetic car mount is THE best feature of Qi2 which is why I hope to get such a case one day even though my budget phone has no wireless charging.

    Just be aware that as your car ages, the plastic vents get brittle and WILL break off with this mount. Our car is 20 years old and I tried a vent mount once and it broke 2 of my plastic vents clean off. If you can, rather get a window mounted holder.
  • gomezz
    Good point but I have always found that window sucker mounts *always* drop off sooner or later and don't trust them with my valuable phone. Don't like the idea of having such a strong magnet next to the sensitive electronics of my phone either. I do use a Kenu Airframe for occasional day to day use but mostly just pop the phone in a convenient cup holder.

    Given modern cars let you connect the phone to a built in ICE touchscreen and have steering wheel controls the need for a mount at all is really obsolescent.