Fairphone launches its Fairbuds full of user-repairable parts for €149

The Fairphone Fairbuds in black with replaceable parts scattered about.
(Image credit: Fairphone)

What you need to know

  • Fairphone debuts its new Fairbuds, which feature a "modular design" packed with user-replaceable parts in case something breaks down.
  • The Fairbuds feature 11mm drivers with ANC, ENC (environmental noise cancelation), multipoint Bluetooth, and more.
  • Fairphone states that users can replace the batteries of the Fairbuds, as well as several other parts, through its webshop, which is available across Europe.
  • The Fairbuds begin pre-orders today (Apr. 9) for €149.

Fairphone announces the launch of its "Fairbuds," which follow behind its smartphones in terms of user-reparability.

According to a press release, the Android and iOS-compatible earbuds are the smaller counterpart to the Fairbuds XL headphones from 2023. The new buds boast "premium" quality sound through the provided 11mm drivers. Fairphone adds users can enable active noise cancellation (ANC), which includes wind noise reduction, for a richer experience.

Additionally, the Fairbuds feature "crystal clear calling" for users indoors and outdoors, courtesy of its ENC (environmental noise canceling) functionality. Speaking of (no pun intended), the buds deliver six microphones in total so the device can capture every word. Moreover, the Fairbuds offer multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, giving users the ability to connect to two devices at once.

The Fairphone Fairbuds in its black colorway.

(Image credit: Fairphone)

The design of the new Fairbuds is a talking point as Fairphone states the device delivers a "modular design" full of user-replaceable parts. Its specifications sheet states the Fairbuds feature seven spare parts that users can grab if something goes wrong. The parts available include new earbuds, battery and silicon ring, earbud tips, charging case shell, case core, and the case's battery.

If something goes wrong, users in Europe can grab these spare parts on the Fairphone webshop.

The Fairbuds contain a 45mAh battery, while the charging case features a 500mAh battery capacity. Fairphone states its buds can last for six hours on a full charge, with an additional 20 hours housed inside the charging case. As a quick pick-me-up, the Fairbuds can gain 1.5 hours of playback time in 10 minutes.

The Fairphone Fairbuds in a white colorway.

(Image credit: Fairphone)

The Fairbuds have received an IP54 rating for sweat and water resistance. The press release states that the buds and cases were created with 70% recycled "fair materials." Software-wise, the company states that consumers can utilize their Fairbuds with Google Assistant and Apple's Siri for hands-free help.

Users in Europe looking for the Fairbuds will also receive a three-year warranty — which is a one-year extension of the brand's typical two-year plan.

Consumers across Europe can get their hands on Fairphone's latest Fairbuds for €149. The buds are available for pre-order beginning today (Apr. 9) on the Fairphone website and a few select European retailers. The company states the €149 price tag will vary from country to country in the region. Those interested will find the device in white and black colorways.

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