Best Pixel 6a screen protectors 2024

The Pixel 6a is an excellent cheap phone that punches well above its weight, but the money you saved can all be for naught if you have to replace the screen. The screen is reasonably strong with Gorilla Glass 3, but it can still break without a screen protector absorbing some of the impact. Besides cracks, things like car keys in your pocket or sand from the beach can also lead to scratches.

That 6.1-inch display's going to scratch faster than you can say "Pixel" if you don't snag the best screen protector for your Pixel 6a. Here are the ultimate guards that you can buy for your precious Google Pixel 6a's vibrant little OLED display. We've got tempered glass, TPU films, and everything in between.

Arm your Pixel 6a with the toughest screen guards

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You better tighten your Pixel 6a's defenses

An Android phone of such great caliber deserves to be treasured. Sure, the Pixel 6a's 6.1-inch 60Hz OLED display is nothing to write home about, but at least it has an improved optical fingerprint reader. Yes, that's me throwing shade at the Pixel 6 series rather unabashedly. Of course, there could be nothing worse than nicking or scratching that fresh screen. The answer: Get a baller Pixel 6a screen protector!

Nothing can prevent cracks, smashes, and shatters better than a tempered glass screen protector. Go for the Spigen AlignMaster GLAStR Screen Protector or Caseology Snap Fit Tempered Glass for high-end protection in that category. Both brands make some of the best Pixel 6a cases that money can buy. 

Of course, name-brand protection will cost you a pretty penny, and that too for a one-pack. The good thing is, both Spigen and Caseology include assistive accessories like microfiber cloth and alignment frames to assist you with the installation process, so it makes up for the hefty price tag.

Still not in your budget? Supershieldz has got you covered. Not only is the price lower, but you also get more pieces included with the Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector 3-pack. That's how you can get your money's worth.

I'll admit, I was never a fan of TPU films until I bought my Google Pixel 6. Its glitchy fingerprint reader backed me into a corner, forcing me to chuck my tempered glass screen guard in the bin and I had to opt for a plastic film instead. A TPU screen protector was the only workable fix for that awful fingerprint sensor, but it also led me to a happy discovery: Plastic films don't always suck!

Nice ones feel great, have self-healing properties, work better with in-display fingerprint scanners, and can be thinner than tempered glass screen protectors sometimes. They're cheaper too, so if you mess up the installation, they don't crack and you're left with extras at hand. For a stellar Pixel 6a film protector, get a TPU option and not a cheaper PET film, as those have better clarity and are generally thinner.

The best TPU screen guard for your Pixel is the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield, or the Skinomi Matte Film if you don't want something glossy. Both are constructed with excellent materials that are durable, anti-glare, can repel smudges, stay bubble-free, and are capable of self-repair. Amazingly, both brands offer you a lifetime warranty. If these TPU screen protectors fail to serve you as promised, the manufacturers will replace them for you.

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