Best Galaxy S24 Plus screen protectors 2024

Samsung upgraded the Galaxy S24 Plus with an incredibly bright display just like the rest of its siblings. The 6.7-inch Dynamic LTPO AMOLED 2X display now tops off at a peak brightness level of 2600 nits. As nice as it looks, that lovely, crisp screen will probably cost a pretty penny to replace if you ever break it. That's where the best Galaxy S24 Plus screen protectors come in.

Most screen protectors come in multipacks these days, which is great because you get spares in case of emergencies. If you're not a fan of thick glass on your phone's screen, sometimes a plastic film is a decent choice. Whatever the case, neither one will cost more than $10 to $15 at max. Choose any one of these Galaxy S24+ screen protectors without worrying about affordability or quality.

A+ screen protectors for your Galaxy S24+

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There are loads of excellent Galaxy S24 Plus screen protectors to choose from

When buying the best Galaxy S24 Plus screen protectors, you don't really have to worry about a budget. Even premium options like the ones from Spigen don't cross the $20 mark. Whether you get glass or plastic, it doesn't make any difference either, leaving you free to choose only the best.

Your best overall bet is the Ailun Glass Screen Protector for the Galaxy S24 Plus. This value-packed buy includes three sets of 9H tempered glass screen protectors as well as three glass camera lens protectors for your S24+ and its lenses. The front camera hole is a precise cutout and the material repels fingerprints. It's a really good deal for the price.

If you want a plastic film protector instead, get the AACL 4-Pack Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Screen Protector Film. This multipack features four durable, scratchproof screen guards made of a hybrid PET material. AACL includes a frame so you can install the screen guard on your own with ease.

Once you're done with screen protectors, check out some of the best Galaxy S24 Plus cases for your precious new phone. A screen protector can't protect the body of your phone. A bad fall will definitely cause a dent and a case is the best way to avoid such a mishap.

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